Informational interviews, in which you gather information about a contact’s job and industry, are vitally important to learning about new careers and opportunities. Plus, it’s precisely when jobs aren’t available that people are willing to meet with motivated job seekers as a way to develop a strong talent pool for the future. An informational interview can put you at the head of the line when a position appears, lead to valuable employment contacts, or simply help you figure out your next career move.

So how do you get this informational interviews and how do you get the most out of them? Find out in this short video:

That’s it—that’s all you need to know. Now get out there and get some interviews lined up. Use LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and your friends and family, and don’t be shy about asking anyone who looks interesting to you. And remember, the more informational interviews you do, the less awkward they become.

Have you done any informational interviews? I’d love to know how you’ve made the most out of them – please leave me your comment below.



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