Impact of Non-Verbal Cues and Gestures at A Job Interview

Impact of Non-Verbal Cues and Gestures at A Job Interview

When there’s a job opening in any organization, the HR managers are asked to fill it as soon as they can with the best person available in the field. The question arises what is their criteria of hiring you? From what you wear to how you walk– they observe your every...

Secrets To Nailing That Job Interview

Secrets To Nailing That Job Interview

Going for a new job is a tough test of character. Having your skills, previous experience and general image judged and picked apart by a panel of people – it’s a minefield. You want to impress your potential employers and when the nerves kick in, it can feel...

Don’t Just Train Them To Work, Train Them How To Work

Don’t Just Train Them To Work, Train Them How To Work

Congratulations. You’ve invested often quite senior management time as well as money in attracting, screening, interviewing and hiring your bright new starters, whether they’re school leavers, apprentices or graduate trainees. And you’ve not done it for the fun of it....

14 vital statistics for your CV

An effective CV should clearly demonstrate the value of hiring you, and numbers provide the perfect means of doing this. Fill you CV with quantifiable facts and figures, and recruiters will be able to gain a much better understanding of your work and impact. For...

Job search with Facebook

Job search with Facebook

If you have once again failed to find your dream job, you might be open to changes and new offerings from creative and trendy business makers this will turn your turn your world upside down. Facebook has just launched an app allowing its users to find a job directly...

9 questions to ask before sending your CV

You don't get a second chance to make a first impression, so your CV should be flawless before you send it to any recruiters or employers. Sloppy mistakes and missing information could quite literally cost you the job. CV writing service StandOut CV have created this...


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