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Train to become a Mortgage Advisor during the lockdown

Train to become a Mortgage Advisor during the lockdown

The UK is still in lockdown, and although it's easing slightly, most of us are still at home. So how will you be spending your time? It's easy to stay home, watch Netflix and if the weathers good have a BBQ. There's nothing wrong with that, but you could also spend...

7 new ways to land an internship

7 new ways to land an internship

Many college students and new graduates try to land internships but find the competition stiff for a few advertised internships. In many cases, they make it harder on themselves than they need to by not trying searching in some of the most promising places. New grads,...

Simple Steps to Be as Productive as Possible at Work

Simple Steps to Be as Productive as Possible at Work

Productivity is essential for anyone who works. Whether you work for a company, or work for yourself, you’re going to need to prove yourself in order to be financially secure. If you slack while working for a company, you may find that you face being let go if your...

How to optimise your LinkedIn profile for job search

LinkedIn is the top social networking website for job seekers which has over 600 million users. The site adds 2 new members every second. With so many members, the rate at which your network expand on LinkedIn can be truly amazing. A hundred strategic contacts could...

What Hard Skills Are Companies Looking For In 2020?

What Hard Skills Are Companies Looking For In 2020?

Quite obviously, one of the things employers look for when it comes to job opportunities is the skills the job seeker has. Most job seekers find it relatively easy to fill in the soft skills area on a job application - but when it comes to hard skills, you simply...

5 tips for getting your first job after college

5 tips for getting your first job after college

Finding a job after college is in many ways a separate job itself. First of all, it can be challenging due to the competition — you are not the only graduate with such set of skills, there are also your fellow students looking for jobs at the same time. Besides,...

20 work from home tips from the experts

With more and more people seeking a better work-life balance and an increased sense of autonomy with their work, working remotely has been on a steady rise for the past few years. Despite this, only 5% of the UK workforce worked mainly from home in 2019. And since...

Tips for an Online Job Interview

Tips for an Online Job Interview

Online job interviews are becoming the new recruitment norm. Businesses want to find ways of automating the recruitment processes, or at least, speed it up. Holding meetings online is seen as one way of adding convenience and efficiency that can benefit all parties....


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