This guide is intended to showcase the AI tools available for practicing the STAR Method. Although AI still has a long way to go, I believe there is a significant gap in the market for STAR Method preparation. To excel at anything, especially a high-anxiety challenge like interviewing, repetition is key. A mirror doesn’t provide useful feedback and can be somewhat boring. If you’re fortunate enough to have good friends or a coach to practice with, you should certainly do so, but more practice is always beneficial.

AI presents a new solution: it offers better feedback and is more engaging than a mirror, without requiring the time and patience of another person. I am going to break down three categories of AI that you can use to prepare for your job interviews using the STAR Method.

1. **Generalist AI like ChatGPT**

This option is the most affordable and flexible, but probably the least effective. This is because eliciting good feedback and interaction from AI requires some skill. These AIs also have limited memory and, by their generalist nature, lack features that make the process more engaging and effective.

2. **Mock Interview AIs**

A quick search reveals a large selection of products offering AI mock interviews. You will need to evaluate these yourself, but there are over 20 to choose from via There’s An AI For That. Each product has its own approach. Some focus on your speech patterns, some provide technical tools for whiteboard interviews, and some are still under development.

3. **Dedicated STAR Method AI**

STAR Method Coach is the first and only AI tool dedicated to teaching you to master the STAR Method interview. This tool provides two modes: a practice mode that uses an interactive audio AI to guide you through the STAR process, step-by-step, with questions personalized for you. It also features an interview mode designed to simulate the real experience.

No AI tool will ever replace a coach, and preparing for a job interview should not rely solely on one tool. However, AI is advancing quickly, and I expect you will find real value in trying some of these tools.



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