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Easy Steps to Secure Your Next Teaching Assistant Job

If you’ve been lucky enough in your search for teaching assistant jobs to be called in for an interview, just know that you’ve got one foot in the door already because they like you enough to interview you. Now is the time to impress your future employers to land your...

How To Write a Career Change Resume?

"Opportunities don't happen, you make them."—Chris Grosser Career change is an important decision that can turn into long-lasting happiness and satisfaction. It's no surprise that changing careers can be an exciting and yet daunting thing. At some point in life,...

Case Study: Does Liking Curly Fries Make You Smarter?

One example of rogue AI predictions relates to curly fries and IQ. Researchers from the University of Cambridge created an algorithm based on the likes of 60,000 Facebook users. Among other things, it found that Facebook users who like curly fries have higher IQs than...

5 Options to Improve Work-Life Balance

5 Options to Improve Work-Life Balance

Demands of work and personal obligations weigh many people down. Establishing a healthy work-life balance can be a considerable challenge for some, particularly when work and personal life responsibilities continually stack up. Achieving a balanced life is sometimes...

How to Manage Your Finances While In-Between Jobs

How to Manage Your Finances While In-Between Jobs

It’s no secret that you sometimes lose a job or you’re forced to quit your job, for that matter. What’s unfortunate is that most people will tolerate even the worst job conditions and environment as long as they don’t lose their job. People are quite afraid of...

How To Plan For University As A Mature Student

How To Plan For University As A Mature Student

Going back to university in later life is a good way to improve your job prospects and shift into a new career. However, the financial side of things can be difficult. When you're 18 and you go to university, budgeting is tough but you don't have to worry about things...

Qualifying for Yacht Captain Jobs

Qualifying for Yacht Captain Jobs

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to becoming a yacht captain. This career path is entirely different from what you get with other jobs, hence the need to get it right from qualifications down to skills. Being a yacht captain is not for everyone. So,...


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