Working in construction can be a highly rewarding career, with progression available in multiple roles if you have the right skills and determination. Many construction workers start off as apprentices or complete a course in a specific area of the industry, but it’s also possible to start as a labourer and gain skills as you work. One thing you must have as a construction worker, other than a willingness to work hard, is the correct safety gear.

Safety workwear is often required in workplaces that have strict health and safety regulations and construction sites are no different. Depending on the type of site you’re working on and the work you’re doing, the exact gear you need may vary. However, there are some essentials that you should always have on any job.

Hard Hat

Hard hats are a crucial bit of equipment and a health and safety requirement on construction sites. These hats are designed to protect your head from impacts, much like a helmet that you wear on a motorcycle or bicycle. When working on construction sites, falling debris and impacts from heavy machinery are all potential risks. If anything impacts your head, you could face serious injuries such as concussions, brain damage and even death.

The hard hat provides a lightweight yet durable protection against any damage that you might face, keeping you safe from any potential dangers while working. In some conditions, it may also be required to wear face protection for additional safety. Sometimes, safety glasses or full face coverings will be used to protect important parts of your face such as the eyes, nose and mouth.

Hard hats are made from composite materials to ensure that they’re light while also protecting you from impacts. If you experience an impact while wearing a hard hat, it will reduce the damage that could be caused, though you’ll need to replace the hat afterwards and still seek medical treatment.

Work Boots

Work boots help keep your feet safe, dry and protected no matter what conditions you’re working in. Most construction workers have at least one pair of boots which they use, and the different types of boots vary depending on the needs of the job. Ideally, the boot should protect from piercing impacts from sharp materials as well as potential impacts from heavy objects. For this reason, most work boots are constructed from hardwearing materials such as leather, nylon or rubber.

Construction sites are often outdoors, where wet and rainy conditions can cause slippery surfaces. Falling over on a work site can be very dangerous, especially if you’re carrying heavy equipment. For this reason, it’s important that your work boots have a non-slip sole which provides grip even in wet or icy conditions.

Lastly but perhaps most importantly, many work boots will have protective metal toe cap. This is to protect the feet, and specifically the toes, in case of an impact. If something is dropped on your toe at a construction site, there’s a good chance it could break your foot or even result in amputation. The toe cap protects against this, limiting the amount of damage caused.

High Visibility Clothing

When working around large vehicles and people operating heavy machinery, high visibility clothing is often required. Often shortened to hi vis, this clothing uses bright, fluorescent colours and reflective strips to ensure you can be seen even in poor visibility conditions. You can use hi vis vests, jackets, trousers and more to keep yourself safe while on the worksite.

In most places, hi vis clothing is a requirement, and you should always make sure you have at least a vest to prevent possible accidents when building your career in construction.



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