The growing number of highway systems and buildings is causing a high demand for construction workers. These people build commercial buildings, houses, roads and bridges. They are the backbone of the construction industry and commonly called “labourers”.

Which Construction Job Fits You?

If you are interested in construction jobs, you must first determine the type of job you’d like to do. There are several positions that require varying amounts of work and experience. For instance, being a construction labourer requires the least training. They do common tasks such as clearing debris, digging drenches and loading materials. Because very little formal training is required, the pay is relatively lower than other skilled construction workers.

Skilled construction workers do tasks that require rigorous training such as masonry, carpentry, HVAC work and electrical work.

If you are aiming for a supervisory position such as foreman or site supervisor, you must have the experience and skills necessary for the position. Apply for these types of jobs only if you have the required education and prior construction experience.

If you are looking into managing a construction project, you may also apply to be part of the project management team that manages the schedule, budget and workflow of the construction. This type of job typically requires a bachelor’s degree and experience.

Training and Education

Construction jobs are best filled by people with relevant skills, education, training and experience. If you are an aspiring construction labourer, look for trade schools or local free community colleges offering short courses that focus on construction safety and other related subjects. Seek additional training to make yourself a more appealing candidate.

Consider getting an apprenticeship or associate’s degree (2-year program) in a particular trade if you want to be a skilled worker. Accumulate experience as a labourer or skilled worker if you want to be a site supervisor or foreman. Taking a course in management from a community college or university may also help.

Here’s how to apply for a construction job:

  1. Create a resume detailing your education and experience. Include the jobs you’ve had—even those not related to construction. List down at least three references.
  2. Look in the classifieds of a local paper or check with your state employment agency to look for companies offering construction jobs.
  3. The internet is fast becoming the main source of jobs. Many construction firms post their job openings in their websites and online job boards. Check out the websites of construction companies in your area to know about their latest job openings.
  4. If you do get invited for an interview, convince the interviewer that you have a genuine desire to succeed. Associate your answers with real-life construction experience knowledge.

If you can, get a non-construction job in a construction firm. Once you hear of opportunities, start working your way to the construction industry. If you are still in college, start looking for work experience as early as you can. The more experience you have, the better career opportunities you will have.



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