AI LinkedIn Makeover

See an increase in profile views, job opportunities, and connections on LinkedIn.

Experience the power of AI LinkedIn Makeover and see an increase in profile views, job opportunities, and connections on LinkedIn.

Your LinkedIn profile is your personal brand and your gateway to new career opportunities. But if your profile isn’t optimized for recruiters and hiring managers, it could be holding you back. That’s where AI-powered LinkedIn Makeover comes in.
I’m excited to have partnered with, who are using some of the latest AI technologies available to help you optimize your LinkedIn profile to help you get noticed.

What you’ll get

Eye-catching Headline

90% of LinkedIn users search for job opportunities, and Careerflow’s AI-powered LinkedIn Makeover will update your headline with attention-grabbing phrases and keywords tailored to your target job description, making you stand out to potential employers.

Powerful About Section

80% of recruiters search for candidates on LinkedIn, and their AI-powered LinkedIn Makeover will rewrite your about section with compelling language that showcases your unique skills and experience, increasing your chances of being discovered by hiring managers.

Expert Analysis on Before and After

Careerflow’s experts provide an in-depth analysis of your profile before and after their makeover, increasing your profile’s visibility in LinkedIn search results and improving your chances of being noticed by recruiters.


Reviewed by Humans

Careerflow’s team of human experts review each makeover to ensure that it’s perfect for you, helping you build a professional online presence that attracts the attention of recruiters.

Hard and Soft Skill Identification (Before and After)

Careerflow’s AI-powered LinkedIn Makeover will identify your hard and soft skills, highlighting them in a way that makes you stand out to potential employers or clients. With a 50% increase in LinkedIn profile views for users with completed skills sections, this makeover can help you get noticed by recruiters.

Tailored to the Target Job Descriptions

Careerflow’s AI analyzes your target job description and provides a customized report that optimizes your profile to stand out in LinkedIn search results, increasing your chances of being discovered by recruiters and landing your dream job.

Customizable to Your Needs

Their AI-powered LinkedIn Makeover is fully customizable, allowing you to choose your locale and specify whether your profile is for personal or professional use. With a personalized profile that matches your career goals, you can attract the attention of recruiters and land your dream job.

Intrigued? Try it out now with a 50% discount!

Next steps

By following the link below, you’ll automatically get a 50% discount on the full priced product of £99 and have your LinkedIn profile  revamped and re-written for the roles you’re looking for!
All you need to do is fill out a short Onboarding Form and provide career and skills info to, in order for them to craft your new profile.
Once you’ve completed the form, systems will generate your profile report and will send you the result within 48 hours over email! You then just cut and paste it into your LinkedIn profile.

Here’s what people are saying

After you polished my LinkedIn (and resume), I was invited to apply to Google in Taiwan. Thank you!

Max Li

Senior Software Engineer

The advice was tailored and helpful, and the changes will make my profile more professional and attractive to potential employers. About Section – much better than what I had before.

David Gartner

Transitioning from public to private sector

About Margaret

Margaret Buj is an Interview Coach who’s helped hundreds of professionals across Europe and the US get the jobs and promotions they really wanted.

Margaret also has 12 years of experience recruiting for a variety of positions at all levels across Europe and in the US, primarily in technology and e-commerce sectors.

She’s been featured in Cosmopolitan magazine, interviewed for Financial Times and Management Today and has written 2 e-books related to job search and successful interviewing.

Check out her website, free video course “You’re HIRED!” and coaching services at You can also find her on Facebook.

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