As you know, getting a job is a job in itself. The term ‘job hunt’ is an apt one. Often you really do feel that you are on the hunt for an elusive prey.

Sometimes the temptation to give up and take that promotion to manager of the fast food joint, or bar you worked in as a student can be overwhelming. This is understandable, especially if you have been looking for a job for a while, but often doing that is not the answer. At least not the long-term answer. Of course, it can be used as a stopgap, but it should not stop you carrying on the hunt for a job in your chosen field or profession.

So, what do you do when, months after qualifying, you are still looking for your first role? Well one of the answers is to get more qualifications or acquire more skills.

That sounds odd I know because you already have a good degree and work experience, so you are probably wondering how another qualification is going to help, and this is a legitimate concern.

The trick is to acquire a skill that is sought after. Something the majority of applicants do not already have. A hot qualification or skill that is in short supply, a quality that employers desperately need, but rarely find in new applicants.

Leadership skills fit the bill

A skill set that is always in demand is the ability to lead a team. Most employers know that if they want results they need managers who know how to manage a team.

They know that from the fact that you have successfully studied for and passed your exams that you are a hard worker, who is able to manage their own time and achieve your own goals. That is great, but every other graduate that has a good degree has that exact same skill set.

What they do not know is whether you can lead your department to success. For example, can you identify and set the right goals for your team? Are you able to clearly communicate those goals to your team and the steps and processes that need to be followed to achieve them? Can you set up processes that measure progress and identify those who are holding back the team and take the necessary steps to bring them up to scratch, so that your team can move forwards?

As you can see these are important skills and there are many more that you need if you want to be a successful leader that gets results. I hope that you can also see how someone with such a skill set would be attractive to prospective employers.

Finding good quality leadership training

Fortunately, you can acquire these skills by completing Cirrus Connect leadership training. This well-established international firm specialises in working with companies and individuals across the world. They provide tailored leadership training and support to whoever needs it.

Using your training

If you have leadership skills you can even land a job for which you do not have the technical qualifications. This is because employers need people who have the right mindset and skills to lead. They desperately need people who know how to motivate others to give of their best and learn new skills while at work. A good leader makes each individual in the organisation they work with stronger, which in turn strengthens the firm as a whole.

Strong leaders are an invaluable resource for any company. Turn yourself into one and you will never be without well-paid work.




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