Nailing an interview is one of the hardest things in the world. Due to the magnitude of the occasion, there is a lot of pressure on your shoulders. To harness the responsibility and use it to your benefit is almost impossible. However, it isn’t a lost cause. As long as you have the correct interview techniques at your disposal, there is nothing you can’t achieve. In this scenario, most people will opt for the tried and tested route. However, you need to be different and use weird, wonderful and efficient practices. Seriously, the following are so effective it’s scary!

Research Content

Do you like to research the company before you go for the interview? Lots of people do because it’s an excellent way to learn more and sound more knowledgeable. What most candidates don’t do, though, is look past the homepage. In today’s world, content is king as firms publish content at quarterly intervals. Plus, almost every firm has a blog with masses of posts. Reading blog posts might seem like a long shot, but it will give you a better insight into the company. Looking at the numbers will allow you to make insightful comments about growth areas. Employers love to hear candidates talk about the business with confidence.

Use Alerts

The savvy readers among you will notice one flaw with researching content: there is too much. Yep, there is too much for one person to keep up with on a constant basis. News will fall through the cracks, and it might contain essential information. Don’t fear, though, because you have a simple solution. Well, Google has a simple fix as always. Google Alerts will send a push notification any time it finds relevant content. All you have to do is adjust the search parameters, and you’ll never miss a beat. When it comes to interviews, knowledge is power.

Interview Training

Getting your partner to ask you questions the night before isn’t preparation. Training is preparation, and it’s the foundation of success regarding interviews. It’s always a bonus to get used to the unfamiliar surroundings beforehand as it reduces fear. Plus, it also increases confidence as you will feel like there are no stumbling blocks. For most people, it’s an opportunity that isn’t worth missing. Training companies across the country feel the same way. They have development courses which cover everything from personal development to communication. And, it all takes place in-house if you desire.

Tuesday At 10:30 am

Research shows that 10:30 am on a Tuesday morning is the best time for an interview. Why? It’s because Monday and Friday are bookends where people charge up and down for the weekend. Also, a spot before lunch can affect the interviewer’s concentrate if they are hungry. Interviewers have a lot of tasks to complete other than talking to you. So, you want to get them before the day knocks them for six.
Although it might not seem significant, the time and date of the interview are crucial.



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