Problem solvers, or analytical thinkers to give them the more important sounding name, are an asset to any workplace.  They usually have more patience than most people and when a challenge presents itself will not panic or get stressed out, They just work their way through the problem logically and are far more likely to come up with the answer than someone who does not think in the same way.

This means that jobs, where problems can have dramatic effects, are ideal for them.

Airline Pilot

If the person in charge of the plane you are on did not know how to solve a problem, you would have cause to be worried. Being an airline pilot involves aviation courses, like the one at  training about the planes and many other things. There are often minor problems with planes that the passengers are never aware of, and this is because as an airline pilot most of them are problem solvers as well. The job is well paid because of the responsibility that goes with it.

Business Analyst

Businesses can run into all sorts of problems, as you can see at, for which there can be many different reasons, A business analyst needs to understand how to get to the root of the cause, and then how to solve it. These challenges are not always financial ones. It could be a problem with their digital systems, their marketing strategy or even with finding a good workforce. With the weight of an analytic thinker behind them, their problems will soon be brought to the fore, and hopefully solved.

This is a job where often people are self-employed, so what they earn is down to their fees, and the quality of the work they do.



Working with facts and figures is perfect for an analytical brain. The attention to detail needed, the solving of accounting problems and dealing with financial data, needs a problem solver so that clients do not end up in the bad books of the taxman. This job requires the ability to work alone as well as with a group of other people, and it pays a salary that is in line with the difficult job accountants often face.


Anyone that is not an analytical thinker should not even consider this work as his or her career. You need to be able to structure ideas and work with complex theories so that you can help to solve some of the problems the criminal justice system faces. There are various fields you could work in, including research, consulting in courts, teaching and policy analysis. It is such a specialist field that it pays very well.

If you find that you have a logical mind and that solving problems comes easy to you, you have a gift that you should steer into a career that will reward you for it. A few have been mentioned here, but there are many more you could choose from, as there are problems in all walks of life and in all careers.




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