There are a few mistakes you must know about if you want to ensure you are not passed over for a promotion.

Mistake 1: MBA or industry certifications don’t necessarily earn you more money.

A lot of people think that if they do an MBA or certain certifications, they are almost guaranteed to get a promotion or a pay rise. It all depends on your company’s policy and your boss, but none of it is enforceable or guaranteed.

I am not saying that you should not do an MBA if this is what you really want to do – just don’t expect that you’ll automatically get promoted. Experience counts more than education.

Mistake 2: You’ll have to ask for a raise and a promotion.

Just because you’ve been working harder than your colleagues, doesn’t mean that a promotion will be handed over to you. I see women in particular making that mistake. You need to clearly present the impact and visibility of your achievements to your management and make it clear that you’re looking for a promotion. Focus your energy only on tasks that are important to leadership in your organization.

Mistake 3: The HR (Human Resources) is there to protect the company – not you.

It is not that people in HR don’t care or won’t consider what is in your best interest. However, remember HR is there primarily to protect the company’s interests. You might want to seek a trusted leader for advice instead.

Mistake 4: Having real impact and working hard are not the same things so focus on what matters!

Ask for meaningful projects with high visibility and show that you are worth it!

Mistake 5: Learn to distinguish between busy work and critical work.

You don’t need to do everything you are asked to be a top performer. Just do the stuff that gets you recognized. Ask yourself if the task at hand is really important and if you really need to attend every meeting and listen to every training.

Mistake 6: Don’t kill yourself for the corporation – only do what matters.

The sense of urgency about everything in some corporations is ridiculous and the sacrifices expected of you are uncalled for. So don’t sacrifice your entire life for your job – it is not worth it…

Those are just a few career mistakes you want to avoid if you want to start to get noticed. Please comment below on other mistakes you’ve seen others made or that you made yourself!

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Warm regards

Margaret Buj

Interview & Career Coach


Margaret Buj is an Interview Coach who’s helped hundreds of professionals across Europe and the US to get the jobs and promotions they really wanted. Margaret also has 9 years of experience recruiting for a variety of positions at all levels across Europe and in the US, primarily in technology and e-commerce sectors. If you want to find out how recruiters read resumes, why you are not getting hired, how to sell yourself successfully in a job interview, and how to negotiate your best salary yet, you can download her FREE “You’re HIRED!” video course.



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