5 biggest mistakes you are making with work relationships that prevent you from being an effective leader

For this week’s post, I’ve recorded a short video where I talk about the biggest mistakes people make with work relationships. This will be relevant to you especially if you are a leader or want to transition to a leadership position.

Watch the video below to hear about 5 common mistakes people make when building relationships at work. Hopefully, you won’t see yourself in any of these examples. If you do, keep listening and I’ll share some strategies for getting back on track!

I will talk about:

1. Taking before giving

2. Being an opportunistic relationship builder

3. Seeing relationship building as playing office politics

4. Forgetting about results

5. Limiting your relationship circle.

You’ll also find out how to evaluate where you are, and how to find problem areas that could cause trouble later by creating a relationship map.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this post. What other mistakes do you see people making and what strategies have really worked in terms of creating authentic relationships?



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