Working abroad can be both an exciting and a scary experience. It’s scary because you are going to a new place, with only the vaguest of ideas of what to expect, and exciting because of the new experiences you are going to gain. However, you need to find out as much information about your destination as you can. You need to identify your areas of your interest as you’re finding a job. Singapore has been vaunted as an Asian hub, due to its low taxation, the minimal cost of living and the warm welcoming climate. Fortunately, the Singapore job market has been growing over the years with the advent of industries and many startups by the expat community. Finding a job in Singapore will require you to:

Network and Meet People

Networking is very important when looking for a job, anywhere. Singapore is no exception. You need to meet people from different professional backgrounds to be able to network and find your ideal job. If you are not in Singapore already, a great place to start networking will be on social media such as, LinkedIn, Twitter or blogs. These can yield great results in finding job leads and meeting new people.

Meet an Employment Agency

You will find it both advantageous and rewarding to work with recruitment agencies when making your job searches while in Singapore. The recruiters will help you work on your CV, schedule interviews and draft cover letters. Recruiters have a better understanding of their job markets, employers and company histories. However, you need to do your homework in finding the best and most trustworthy recruitment agencies for your needs.

Check Your Eligibility

One of the most important things to do, will be to ensure your eligibility to work in Singapore. You need to be validated by the ministry in charge of the issuance of work permits. Your permit will be issued based on your qualifications and the industries you are interested in working in with. However, you need to note that work permits cannot be issued without a job in place and a minimum salary offer requirement. This should be one of the last steps you take as illustrated by Visa Express

Understand Singapore Employment Practices

It will be a good idea to find out, whether common employment practices are good for your lifestyle. For you to get an understanding of what working in Singapore will be like, find out relevant information on salaries, leaves of absence, skills training, work hours and holidays. There will be no better place to get this kind of information than the ministry in charge of employment in Singapore.

Choose a Thriving Industry

Singapore has many industries; however, some do much better than others. You will be do better career-wise if you select a thriving industry like the tech industry that has huge sustainable growth in Singapore. Singapore has also been a thriving hub for financial professionals and those in the audit and securities business.


Once you’ve successfully obtained your visa and exchange currency, get ready to move to Singapore. As compared to other Asian nations, settling in Singapore is much easier due to the multicultural lifestyle of the residents and the majority of the residents speaking English to a high standard.






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