When you are talking about hiring and the whole process of finding good employees there is one thing that is more true than anything; wading through the unnecessary, unqualified, erroneous applicants in order to find that one perfect fit of an applicant can be a very dubious problem indeed. However just because the old way is the way which has always been done, doesn’t mean that it’s the only way to find applicants. Many people have taken quite strongly to the video interview. In fact many others have gone so far to explain why video interviewing is the future for all applicants.

Here is a rundown of some of the advantages of video interviewing.

Schedule: Maybe the biggest inconvenience for those conducting interviews is giving enough time to have the things scheduled. You have to allow for your applicant to show up on time, you have to allow for added time towards the end if things run over, and you have to basically dedicate a whole day or series of times of day to have these interviews.

When video interviewing becomes more broadly accepted, interviewers will have the extra benefit of being able to carve out 15 or 20 minutes in for their questions. So long as they and the applicant can be at their screens at the same time, interviewers can fit three to five interviews in an hour. That’s a huge benefit for those handling the interviews and for the applicants as well. If all they need to do is come out to their computer screens and sign online to the site where they are meeting up then that is far easier than traveling in from wherever they are and sitting around waiting to interview.

Multiple: Another big bonus to handling your interview online is the ability to have interviews with multiple people at the same time. That is if you want to have a group interview like a Presidential debate, you are more than able to do that. This is especially important if you are hiring a few entry-level jobs and you want to see how the candidates interact with one another. Setting your interview in a group setting can be a really good way to wean out those you don’t think will work and get into the interpersonal dynamics at play.

Overseas: There has always been the problem of getting interviews with folks who have to come in from out of town or even further away overseas. If you could hold virtual interviews you could open up your potential pool of applicants to the whole world!

Record: Another pretty good reason why video interviewing is the future is that you may want to be able to have some type of a record of the event. Say you hire someone and you interview 10-20 applicants. If the first hire doesn’t work out you may wish to review your records of who else you saw that same day. Having the video interview archive can be a great way to be able to go back and see just who was there when you originally interviewed and see whom you liked second best. This could be an issue especially if it has been some time since the interview. If your second or third applicants have already taken on another job, then you may need to go over several other interviews before you can find the right fit.

If you are convinced of why video interviewing is the future and you want to have an awesome program that can allow you and folks anywhere in the world to sit face-to-face, you should check in on Sonru. This program offers the best in design, technology, and overall user experience. If you would like to learn more you should certainly see how they could help your interviewing process excel.



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