Taking the ACCA qualification can certainly help you in establishing a career in the field of finance. While the degree is becoming increasingly popular everywhere, there is still some confusion over its significance in different countries. Some places are yet to completely open up to ACCA whereas the majority of countries already find it extremely valuable. 

The good news is that career opportunities with an ACCA degree are vast and the world is your playfield. You can pick from a variety of options as many progressive and developed countries find this qualification extremely bankable. If you have got your ACCA or are still looking into it then here is a list of places you can choose to work in: 

United States of America

In the U.S, ACCA is the highest-paid accounting degree and holds a lot of relevance. Considering that the country has the largest economy in the world, you will find no dearth of finance-related jobs in America with your qualification. 


As a country working ambitiously hard to boost its economy, newer opportunities are cropping every day in Malaysia. You can try out various sectors that require an accountant, finance manager, financial analyst or more. Rest assure your career will take off really well given the development this nation is making. 

United Kingdom 

The UK has a huge financial services sector and while a lot of people drift towards London, other cities also have a lot of opportunities to offer. With your ACCA degree, you can explore a whole range of places as every organisation has a finance department. 


The country has been very progressive in terms of keeping pace with the world and your ACCA degree holds great value here. A diverse economy and strong business ethics are what makes Germany a great place to work in. You can certainly establish yourself well here. 


Singapore has witnessed a draconian growth in the past few years and is a popular place to work in. ACCA certified accountants would find a whole range of job opportunities in this country which is always on the lookout for skilled professionals. You can easily build a great career in this place and achieve the required success in your field. 

New Zealand 

Many people consider New Zealand not just a good place to work in but a fabulous place to live in as well. This is due to its pleasant weather and an ever-friendly crowd. You too can move to this country with your ACCA degree as you will find excellent work opportunities here. The fact that New Zealanders have considerably shorter working hours only makes thing all the better. 





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