These days we are often told that success does not necessarily depend on our qualifications and as good advice as this is there are always some professions where certain qualifications are mandatory and for good reason. So for this reason it is important to decide early in life if one of these are your preferred career choices and if so how do you get into these lines of work. We have selected 5 of these to look at as quick case studies.


To become a doctor is a long process and requires dedication going right back to your high school days, top grades are required to meet the entry requirements for these courses. You will need to first complete an undergraduate bachelor’s degree which will last four years and then you will need to be accepted to an accredited medical school for a further four years. Following your education you will require to be licensed to practice medicine in the state you are intending to practice in.


To become an accountant you will need to complete an undergraduate accounting degree as a basic, this will give you the necessary skills to be able to work as an accountant. If you are looking to work in some higher levels of law such as public or government work you may be required to complete an extra degree qualification.


Law is an area where specific rules and qualifications are absolutely essential. Even at the stage of applying to the first part of your studies, the undergraduate degree in law, you need to sit an entrance exam known as the LNAT. Once you have been accepted in the course you will complete this three year university degree you will then need to complete a legal practice course for one year and finally get a position as a trainee lawyer at a legal practice.

Mental Health Professionals

There is so much more awareness of mental health these days and so much help and resources available online than there was in the past. There are various jobs available in the field of mental health and although there are ways to work in this area without specific qualifications to be a proper professional it is essential. To become a Psychologist or Psychiatrist you will need to complete a Psychology degree and postgraduate diploma as well. It is possible for people to offer counselling and other supportive services privately without qualifications but it would be an offence to claim to be a psychologist if no formal qualifications are held.

Architecture & Civil Engineering

To work as an Architect or Civil Engineer both require to have degrees in the subject and then following that a postgraduate degree for an Architect. To progress in these fields there are also continuing professional exams to gain extra seniority and gain higher positions and promotions and this will allow an individual to have the opportunity to reach higher heights in their chosen career. According to Sustainable Architecture Innovations, the fastest growing field in architecture is sustainability-focused design.




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