You have likely heard the phrase: ‘Applying for a new position is like a full-time job’, and it can feel especially true when it comes time to create a CV. In fact, it is getting your CV to reflect the right tone, make the right impression, and show you and your abilities at their best can easily end up taking far longer than you want. Happily, there are many tactics you can use to get your CV up to scratch without it feeling like you have taken on a second job. Keep reading to find out what they are. 

The proactive approach – keeping your CV updated. 

Before you can even consider applying for a new position, you must have your CV up to date and looking as impressive as possible. Sadly, this task can take so long and be so tiresome a job that it can put people off applying for roles they are supremely qualified for! 

Of course, in a perfect world, we would all keep our CVs updated all of the time, adding new achievements with evidence as soon as they occur. In fact, some folks knock up a quick excel sheet at work to journal these as they happen. Then when it does come time for them to update their  CV, they will have all the information and evidence needed at their fingertips. 

However, this may be a slightly more idealised version of CV management. After all, those that have jobs which put many demands on our time may struggle to do this. Luckily, there are other options to consider too. 

Understand what a good CV looks like.

In fact, if you aren’t a proactive CV updater all is not lost! This is because you can still significantly reduce the time and effort that it takes you to knock your CV into shape by growing your knowledge of what a good CV looks like. 

One way to do this is to research how to write a CV properly, so you know precisely what to put in, leave out, and how to layout your resume. You can even use a CV template to make sure all your formatting is correct. This being something that people can end up using an excessive amount of time getting right. 

Get some professional help. 

Another option is to use a professional CV writing service, something that you will be able to access online. In fact, at first glance, it sounds as if very little work is involved as it seems as if you just hand off the entire task to someone else. 

However, what you must remember here is that you still need to find and provide all the relevant information to go on your CV. Even if you outsource its writing and formatting to someone else.  What this means is that professional CV writing services as better suited to those people that need help with how to phrase and edit the information on their resume, rather than the actual creation of it. 




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