The first major career decision that one normally takes is regarding what to study for a rewarding career. While it is necessary to take up courses that suit your interest and talent, it makes eminent sense to find out what skills are going to be in most demand around the time you enter the job market. Let’s take a quick look at some of the sectors that hold promise in the times to come.

Information Technology

The demand for computer programming specialists in the area of cyber-security is expected to be particularly high keeping in mind the heightened perception for the need for protecting commercial and public infrastructure against crime and terrorism. Similarly networking professionals are expected to be in great demand as more and more organizations will integrate their operations across offices and plant locations.

Day Care and Child Care

With overall increase in family incomes and the realization that child care was suffering due to both parents becoming engrossed with work commitments, day care providers are expected to finally be able to command superior wages and better job security. An increasing number of parents are now willing to pay more for day care service.


Rapid advances in medical science and diagnostics coupled with a willingness to afford private medical care has made healthcare one of the most vibrant career options for young graduates. Today geographical boundaries are no longer limitations for patients seeking proper medical care and as a result medical tourism is now a booming sector as well. The ageing of the population in western countries has also opened up new career opportunities is assisted living and geriatric care. Due to increasing costs of extended hospital stay, many people suffering from chronic illnesses and injuries are opting to stay at home under the care of home health assistants who take care of their every need. A lot of elderly patients who prefer not to say in communities also favor engaging the services of home care aides who virtually become members of the family. 


With a younger population wanting more out of life, many are seeking careers where they can enjoy flexible timings or even explore short-term employment opportunities. Companies that follow seasonal demands are also increasingly turning to specialist staffing agencies to meet their requirements. There are also a lot of companies that are seeking temporary help as business projections in particular segments may not warrant permanent positions. Increasingly top level and specialist positions are also being referred to employment specialists for global sourcing. To get an idea of the rapidly changing scenario you can visit some of the reputed and reliable career portals such as

Environmental Engineering

Heightened consciousness regarding the importance of maintaining a clean and unpolluted environment at both the micro and macro levels has given a fresh impetus to career opportunities in environmental engineering. All manufacturing industries now need to implement stringent anti-pollution measures that conform to local and federal regulations creating opportunities for environmental engineers. Every community also requires the services of environmental specialists to successfully counter the hazards of population pressure and decaying urban infrastructure to preserve the quality of life of the citizens.
Social Services

There are an increasing number of open positions with government agencies as well as private non-profit organizations taking care of various aspects of social services and charitable work. There are a lot of services being delivered by governmental agencies to deliver benefits to senior citizens and other underprivileged or disabled citizens. The services of social services coordinators with proper qualifications come in very handy for proper administration of these programs that require attention to detail, unbiased approach and proper knowledge of the benefits program. Social service coordinators also intervene in taking care of the elderly and the young or other deserving individuals who have become victims of crime, abuse or even fraud.

Author Bio: The author is a leading career counselor working with a prominent career website. He runs a career counseling clinic for students of undergraduate courses. 





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