Getting your dream job is a great thing. But today, you need to set yourself apart from the competition during the application process. Many hiring managers don’t have time to read your long PDF. And with millions of graduates going for the same job as you, showcasing your unique skills and talents will help you stand out.

You should forget to print the old school paper resume. With an unforgettable video resume, your job application is a done deal. A video application gives you an edge over job seekers. And if you want to leave your recruiter with a great impression of your abilities, a video application will be a sure way to do it.

But where do you begin with a video resume? Having a good video application isn’t about waking up, taking your phone, and recording yourself. You need to make everything look professional if any recruiter takes you seriously. Read through the tips below and master how to develop the best resume to score your dream job.

Tops Best Tips to Create a Winning Video Resume

Begin With a Script

Winning a job today from millions of applicants is all about standing out. And with a video resume, you can distinguish yourself from other applicants. However, before making your resume, you need to develop a plan for what you would want your resume to look like.

Do you want to sit in front of your camera and speak? Or do you seek to add action shots to demonstrate your specific skills and talents? If you want to add action to your video resume, ensure to write out every step of your video to help master chronology.

Apart from how your video should look, you need to outline what you want to tell your potential employers in your video resume. If you seek to look more conversational than rehearsed, you can use bullet points about your specific skills, qualifications, and experiences. How do you answer “Tell me about yourself” question in the best possible way?

Once done writing your video resume script, you can rehearse and fine-tune it. Go on and make any adjustments to ensure your video flows naturally as you speak. Where necessary, tell about how your skills have contributed to boosting success in your previous organization.

Set Up Your Filming Space

Where you film your video resume matters greatly; don’t take any chances. If you shoot while sitting and talking directly to your camera, ensure to capture a neutral background with the most attractive lighting. You may use neutral props that look neutral to your filming environment. Besides, you shouldn’t distract your viewer or the potential employer viewing your video resume.

When using action shots in your video resume, make sure your props and equipment postulate your filming space. You can limit the number of people in your video background or those appearing with you on the video frame.

Tell a Story in Your Video Resume

You need to use tactics that uniquely capture your employer’s attention as you seek a job. And using a story in your video works magic. A video resume gives you a chance to do what you can in a paper resume. Your hiring manager tries to piece everything together about you through a paper resume from one page to the next. However, using a video resume, you can share everything from your background that connects well with your potential employer, which increases the chances of winning your dream job.

You have unique skills and experience in the job you are applying for. Ensure to put them into context by developing a story around them. Avoid creating a resume video that simply rattles off a list of your achievements.

Keep Your Resume Video Short

Everyone has a very busy schedule today. If you take too much of your hiring manager’s time, you risk losing the opportunity. No one will spend their precious time watching your video. That’s why you should be as brief as possible. Remember that you aren’t looking for YouTube views when presenting your candidacy for a job.

Ensure to keep your video resume between 60- 90 seconds. If it has to be longer, make sure it doesn’t go beyond two minutes. You can use video editing tools like InVideo, Adobe Express and Veed to cut your long footage within the acceptable length that will make your employer watch your resume. Utilizing these video editing tools allows you to effortlessly transcribe video to text, can help you convey your message effectively, and engage potential employers.

Display High Levels of Confidence When on Camera

Not everybody is confident about themselves, especially when talking before a group of people. However, all firms want to hire someone confident enough to approach people and all situations to deliver the best. That’s why you should portray great confidence as you record your video resume.

If you aren’t confident enough, it’s quite okay. But you can improve your confidence levels through rehearsals. You can practice your script in front of your mirror and check your body language and facial expressions. That will help you build enough confidence when making a real video resume.

When practicing, keep your posture upright and try relaxing your neck muscles. But before shooting your actual video resume, get enough night’s sleep. That helps you to avoid looking tired in your video. Besides, you should maintain your eyes on camera when filming.

Edit Your Resume Video

When done shooting your video, take time and select the best takes. You can use your script and cut your footage to fit your story. You may add extra visuals like achievements under your audio to increase your chances of being hired. Compile your resume video using the best video editing software like InVideo.

Add Appropriate Audio into Your Video Resume

Good audio will make your video great. But ensure to make everything professional. To have high-quality video, you can use an external mic. Ensure to eliminate anything in your resume video that distracts your employers from the main focus. That’s why you should use a lav mic or clip-on when creating your video.


Get yourself noticed by hiring managers by creating a video resume. Video will help you showcase your special skills and talents, which increases your chances of being hired. And with the above tips, you are assured of developing a winging video resume. You can also use InVideo editor to make your resume more engaging and informative. Millions of applicants are looking for the same job as yours. With the best resume, you can stand out. And that’s possible using a video resume rather than printing paperwork that your hiring managers don’t have time to read through.




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