Attracting and retaining the best talents does not come easy. It is a challenge that most recruiters are faced with these days. Luckily, improved technology has also led to innovative recruitment technologies that companies can leverage to improve their odds of finding the best talents. 

Hiring the right people for your company is essential for many reasons. Good hires help drive revenue and foster growth while contributing to good company culture, as recruitment consultant Alex Gotch will know. Having a good company culture can make it easier to attract the best talents in the industry. On the other hand, bad hires can be an expensive mistake and can cause disruptions to business operations.

So, here are some tips to bring your recruitment process into the future.

  • Make Sure Your Company Values Are Current 

Having clear company values helps to ensure that everyone in the organisation is working towards the same goals. Your core company values must support the company’s visions while shaping its culture at the same time. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that your company’s values are current. 

Some of the most current core values in the corporate culture include terms like diversity, inclusion, climate change, etc. But defining a company’s values is not only about choosing which of these terms resonate with you. You must take it a step further by defining what they mean to your organisation and how you will apply them in your day-to-day operations. Consider hiring a business coach, such as Business Coach Leeds, who can help guide you to define your company values. The coach can also offer recommendations for your company’s vision, growth, and goals.

Once your core company values are defined, you will find it easier to find and attract the right people to your company. Which, in turn, can result in stronger company culture.

  • Make Sure You Use social media to Show Your Brand

Social media is a very powerful tool in recruitment. It allows recruiters to advertise job openings and showcase the company’s brand and culture, which helps to attract the right candidates. 

When using social media for recruiting, you must also share content that showcases your company as a great place to work, which is one way of organically attracting suitable candidates. People love to talk about companies with unique work cultures and environments, so this type of content is guaranteed to get a lot of attention and share.

LinkedIn is by far the most effective form of social media when it comes to recruiting. Almost everyone who has an established career has a profile on LinkedIn, which is said to be the largest professional network in the world. But when it comes to using LinkedIn, there are some important things to keep in mind. First, make sure that you fully complete your brand page, so it will show up on LinkedIn search results, allowing you to showcase your brand and culture. When job seekers see your page, they should find relevant information about your company. If they find it interesting, they will be encouraged to check out your job openings and apply for any suitable position.

  • Use Values-Driven Recruitment 

Some of the world’s top recruiters are aware of the importance of values-driven recruitment. Recruiters that now help companies develop onboarding policies such as Lightning Travel Recruitment know when a new hire’s values and culture preference aligns with that of the company, they will be more motivated to work hard and stay in the role, leading to improved candidate retention. Furthermore, emphasizing whether the candidate has similar values as the company over experiences can lead to better candidate retention. 

Prioritizing specific values throughout the recruitment process means you will be more likely to hire a candidate who truly fits your company. By continuing to focus on those values throughout your daily business operations, everyone on the team will be working with the same aspirations and principles in mind.

If employees fit into the company culture, they will feel more comfortable working. Sharing the same values and aspirations with everyone in the team can also lead to stronger relationships among co-workers. Thus, values-based recruitment can help create a positive work environment, which means employees are happy and more likely to stick around longer.

Another advantage of hiring employees whose values align with that of your company is increased employee engagement. By incorporating company values into their work, employees will be more engaged. They will feel more excited to come to work every day and make sure that everything is done right the first time around. Employees who are more engaged are the ones who are likely to stick around for many years. They can provide better services and foster strong and lasting relationships with clients.

  • Be Transparent 

Recruitment transparency offers a vital hiring insight for potential candidates. Freely sharing information offers valuable transparency between the recruiter and the candidate. The candidate would be interested to know the ins and out of the entire recruitment process. Furthermore, they would want to have access to information about the company to help them make informed decisions while also learning more about their values, culture, and overall working environment.

A lack of recruitment transparency could easily lead to mistrust and a potential increase in candidate dropout, not to mention negative brand perception. All these can quickly propel the spread of harmful information online through social media and online reviews that could badly damage the company’s reputation. 

Before considering a job, the candidates will be interested in knowing more about the company they will be working for. Thus, recruiters must be willing to share vital information such as the organization’s core values and how they tackle gender pay gaps, inclusivity, etc. It’s also crucial that employers are transparent about their actions to ensure that every step of the recruitment process is consistent and fair. Candidates may also want to know how employers can prevent unconscious bias throughout the entire hiring process.

More importantly, recruiters should be upfront about the salary expectations from the get-go. Otherwise, you can wave goodbye to applications from the best candidates. So, use the interview process to showcase your company values and engage the candidates.




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