I’ve had quite a lot of people ask me recently about time management tips – they see I manage to fit a lot into my life, including recruitment, coaching, travel and ‘me’ time so I’ve decided to record a short video with time management tips to help you reduce stress and improve productivity:

I’d love to hear how you manage yourself and your time and what are your time/self management strategies to help you focused and on track? Please leave me your comment below.

And, if you’ve missed some recent videos, here they are:

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If you would like to get some help with your career challenges, please answer a few questions at http://www.talkwithmargaret.com to apply for your complimentary consultation.
Margaret Buj is an Interview Coach who’s helped hundreds of professionals across Europe and the US to get the jobs and promotions they really wanted. Margaret also has 9 years of experience recruiting for a variety of positions at all levels across Europe and in the US, primarily in technology and e-commerce sectors. If you want to find out how recruiters read resumes, why you are not getting hired, how to sell yourself successfully in a job interview, and how to negotiate your best salary yet, you can download her FREE “You’re HIRED!” video course.



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