Changing your career can be a very daunting prospect and isn’t a decision which should be taken lightly, however, this does not mean that it’s completely off the cards if you feel this would be a good option for you to pursue. 

Starting at the bottom of a new ladder can feel like a step backwards and it can take some time to get used to a new set of responsibilities. However, if you’re unhappy in your current role or if you want to move into a more lucrative career, it could be worth switching. Below, we explore the important things to consider if you’re thinking of changing careers.

Consider What is in Demand

When you’re weighing up which career to switch to, you should consider which roles will be in demand and where this demand will continue for a long time, not just in the short-term. After all, you’ll need to find steady work in your new career. Begin by taking a look at your local area and exploring what type of skillsets are in demand. For instance, roles which deal with the changing requirements in the heating industry, such as upskilling to become an installer, are in high demand and offer a great opportunity for learning new skills. Alternatively, if you’re looking for more specific niches to work in to follow a passion, you could consider working alongside working towards new qualifications in order to successfully change your career.

Consider your salary expectations

You should also consider your salary expectations. Begin by calculating your current monthly budget: how much income do you need per month to manage your financial responsibilities? Your new career must at least allow you to meet these obligations. But it’s also worth considering your financial goals for the future. If you plan on purchasing a home or raising a family, for example, you might want to aim to move into a career that offers you better financial opportunities than what your current profession allows.  Ultimately, it’s a case of balancing your current situation with your ambitions, before selecting a career that can help you realise all these dreams. 

Visualise Yourself

One of the biggest ways to determine if a career overhaul would be a good idea for you is to visualise yourself in the industry or a certain role itself you’re looking to get into. Envisage what you would be doing day to day, understand the highlights and potential challenges which would face and if you would be happy with this. One way to help you to do this will be to do plenty of research into a specific role or industry you might be thinking of shifting into. Getting an understanding of the day-to-day expectations of this role and the different requirements which come with working in the industry will help you to better envisage whether changing course will be the right move for you.

Speak to Others

Another great way to get a feel of changing career is to speak to others who have done the same before you. Seek out any family or friends who you know have done this, to ask about their experience of doing this and gather as much information as possible to understand the process. It may also be worthwhile speaking to people in career support groups who may also be able to offer any words of advice to you if you’re seriously considering a new vocation. There will also be plenty of additional resources available for you to look through in order to get a feel of how a career change will feel, which will help to better support you on your journey. 

Setting expectations

You should also set expectations for your career switch. Sure, your top priorities might be salary and the development opportunities available, but it’s also worth examining the impact the changes involved will have on your current working life. Will you have more flexible hours now, or will you be spending much more time in the office? For some people, dedicating themselves to work isn’t an issue. But if you have a young family, you might be more interested in hybrid working with flexible hours. By working out your expectations for your career, you can pick something that fits with your private life, allowing you to thrive away from work.

Changing a career can be a big moment in your life and one which comes with plenty of considerations before jumping in to. However, by taking the time to plan it out carefully and training for a new role which is well-suited to you, you should find that in time you’ll be leading a happier and healthier life. 



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