4613987073_c945954c92_bToo often, we float through life without ever really finding our ‘dream job’. If you’re reading this post right now thinking I’m not doing what I really want to, then it’s time to make a change. Life’s too short to work a job you don’t enjoy! I know that some of us don’t always have the luxury of switching jobs. We’ve got bill to pay, mouths to feed, little ones to raise! But, you owe it to yourself to find a career where you feel valued, passionate, and invigorated.

That dream job is out there. All you have to do is set your sights on it, and go after it! You can start looking while working your existing job. Keep your eyes wide open, and start moving in the right circles. Be patient, and the right opportunity will eventually present itself.

Research – The hardest part is simply deciding what exactly that dream job is. For some people, it’s working in the entertainment industry. And that’s great, but realise that there are hundreds of niche positions within that industry. You need to go deep, and research exactly what job is right for you. What are the necessary qualifications, personal skills, and experience needed for that role? More importantly, how can you get those under your belt before you apply?

Patience – Unfortunately, dream jobs don’t crop up every day! You’ve got to have the patience to wait for the right opportunity. Trust yourself to spot the right opening when it appears. Perhaps an entry level position will open up, and you can work your way up the ladder. Even if your current job is driving you crazy, have the patience to wait for the right thing to open up before you quit.

Scour the job boards – The best place to keep your eye out for new positions is on job boards. There are plenty out there online, and some are industry-specific. Adzuna is a particularly good job board, listing everything from healthcare to IT to engineering. Check these boards at least once a week, and highlight the most relevant openings for you.

Networking – A lot of the best jobs are snatched up before they even reach the job boards. Positions are filled internally, or the company finds someone within the industry network. If you’re looking to find the best careers out there, you need to immerse yourself in the industry. Attend networking events, and trade shows. Set meetings with key figures in the industry, and start connecting with people on LinkedIn and Twitter. You’ll soon be the first to hear about new jobs in the sector.

Build up some free experience – We all know the feeling. The role requires years of experience, but you can’t get that experience without a job! It’s a vicious circle, and the only way to break it is by volunteering. If you’re dedicated to your dream job, put in the extra hours. Volunteer after work or at weekends. Take a short internship. Anything that will build up contacts and experience is crucial here.

Your dream job is out there waiting for you! Good luck!



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