It’s not all About Singing…Or Acting Either: Here Are Some Other Careers you can have In the Entertainment Industry:

Think about it, when you see a movie or go to the theater or attend a concert, how many people do you see on stage doing the actual performance? Now, how many things do you see happening on stage? The lights, curtains, script, stage set-up, stage director, transport, security, choreographer…the list really is endless. So if you want to be in entertainment but don’t want to (or can’t) act or sing, do not despair, you have plenty of options.

A little disclaimer, most of these other options will not get you fame. However, the upside to that is you get to be more creative and have more flexibility as far as the roles you can have. This is great news if you didn’t want to be famous, but if you did, maybe you should keep going for those auditions.

Moving along then…

Let’s look at some options.

  1. Makeup artist

This puts you close enough to the limelight without actually being in it. All those performers need to look the part and you will play an important role in creating that. It is a pretty versatile job; you can work with models, actors, singers, socialites…literally anyone with a face that needs to ‘look the part’.

The challenge here is that you will be up close to different kinds of people, some of whom may not be pleasant. You will also be privy to a lot of drama that happens backstage but stay focused and you’ll be just fine.

  1. Fashion designer

Should you be talented and smart enough to break into the fashion business, you could be in for a pretty sweet life. It is one of the best-paying gigs in entertainment and you get to have complete creative freedom.

Remember to be willing to learn from the fashion greats; get internships at fashion houses to learn the ropes before launching out on your own. You may have to handle a lot of attitude at the beginning from clients, but once you make it big, they will come looking for you.

  1. Stylist

This is a more recent career and it can range from playing fun dress-up to stressing over the perfect outfit for a prickly client. You need a keen eye for fashion, a great sense of style and a winning personality for this job.

Make sure to stay on top of the trends, be a good listener and a keen observer to know what your client can and cannot wear, and what they would like to represent. If you’re good, you could even get features on Direct TV from

  1. Publicist

Here you get to work for the performers as their liaison with the press. You get to work with reporters that want to interview your client or cover an event involving your client. You decide who they talk to and what they say (sometimes).

Depending on your client, you may have to do damage control now and again if they do something crazy in the public eye. On the upside, you could make a transition to mainstream media given all the connections you will be making.


Nancy Pope is an entertainment writer, presenter and producer with a fun show that features on Direct TV from She lives in Hollywood with her dogs and parrot.




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