There are many benefits to freelancing, so it is good to know about the freelance marketplace list. Then, we can seek out the kinds of jobs that allow us to live and work with this kind of lifestyle.

Freedom and Flexibility

Freelancing offers greater freedoms because you are not tied to a contract of employment for too long a period. You can take on short-term assignments if you choose.

We have more flexibility with freelancing and can quickly change to a different area of interest or expertise, which could create a more varied career outlook. It is good to gain a variety of experiences that will prove invaluable in future roles.

Freelancers can have extended holidays, working for 6 months of the year on a job and keeping the other half free to pursue hobbies. Alternatively, you could factor in lots of holidays for in-between jobs, which include relaxation and recuperation.

Opportunity to Build Skills

The variety of jobs a freelancer will take on will build their skills. These skills will then be transferable to other industries and positions. We can make ourselves much in demand as a freelancer.

Financial Side

The sky can be the limit with earnings for freelancers. When the skills that you have developed in various freelancer roles have been developed to a high level of expertise, you will find yourself worth more money to the companies hiring.

No Commuting

Many freelancers will work from home, saving on travel costs. This will not only help finances but also prove convenient and mean that you do not have to worry so much about your attire. Lots of costs can be saved by companies and the freelancers working for them by working from home.

It can be expensive to commute, whether it is by car, train, or private jet. Technology has meant that conversations and meetings with multiple workers can be held over the internet. This has made it easier to be a freelancer and still function as if a full-time employee.


You will have more control as a freelancer, in that you can be the boss that guides your workload and always keeps it manageable. If you have always wanted to be the boss, then as a freelancer you can be just that. You do not need lots of financial backing behind you or to obtain loans to finance a business adventure when you can become a freelancer. You will still essentially be running your own business, with all the benefits that come with that.


There is no chance of getting bored when you work as a freelancer because if you find an assignment uninteresting, then there will always be the next one to look forward to.

We can choose the jobs that we go for on a more frequent basis than when fixed in a single role. You will find that there are becoming increased freelancer jobs available to apply for.

Types of Freelance Jobs

Jobs or areas of employment that can be carried out as a freelancer include:

  • Computer programmer
  • Data entry
  • Editor
  • Fashion
  • Graphic designer
  • Marketing
  • Media
  • PR
  • Proofreading
  • Writer

This is by no means an exhaustive list and many jobs can be an option as a freelance job or on a more fixed employment basis.

It is exciting to think about being a freelancer and having greater control and flexibility over our working life and leisure time. It may not always provide a regular income with guaranteed financial security, but it can provide a good income during the times we are carrying out work, and it will come with lots of perks that we have mentioned.

Freelancing is good to consider if you are undecided about your future career and want to experience different careers and working situations. Also, if you want to build up your experience and make yourself more employable in the longer term. The more skills you can attain, the greater use you will be to any employer. This will then come with greater financial rewards on top of the freedoms you have enjoyed.



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