Want to step up your career and move up the corporate ladder?   If yes, then you’ll need to step up.

Moving up the chain of command within your current company could be one of the hardest things to do. Why?

The senior managers already see you in your current role, performing your day-to-day responsibilities. They do not physically “see” you in that higher level role, successfully managing those higher-level, higher risk programs and departments. And it’s not a given that if you’re successful in your current position that you’ll be successful at a higher level position.

So how do you prove that you can do the job before you get the job?

Find out in this video:

Your Assignment – STEP UP!

Ask the Sr. leader in your department what the highest priority projects are. Then, negotiate with your manager to transition onto those projects. You’ll need to be on the highest profile projects to get the “big results.”

Next, raise your hand and volunteer for bigger roles, increased responsibility and stretch assignments. Start talking to managers, mentors, clients, and potential employers about the kind of responsibilities that you want. Go after those projects that are valued by company leaders where you can flex your muscles, showcase your strengths, and demonstrate that you’re the right person for the job. When an opportunity presents itself, you’ll need to jump in and go for it!

Finally, build your visibility and credibility with Sr. Leaders. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but in order to be seen by Sr. Leaders you’ll need to step into the spotlight. Look for opportunities to share your team’s wins and the challenges you’ve broken through at meetings, webinars, forums and internal conferences. Build your credibility by focusing on results including numbers and percentages. When you build your credibility with Sr. Leaders, your setting yourself (and your career) up for success.

How are you going to step up? Share your ideas on my  so that I can give you some ideas:-)

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