There are people out there who just love their jobs. Seriously, they love going to work, love their daily responsibilities and feel a surge of satisfaction when they think of their chosen career or state their job title. Those people are the envy of the rest of us. Because, let’s face it: there are tons of adults out there in the workforce who are dissatisfied with their career and secretly yearn to make a change. 

And that’s okay! Even if you started off loving your job/field, sometimes people experience burnout. Sometimes they feel they’ve accomplished all they can and want to tackle a new challenge. Others are underemployed and want to make more money or take on more responsibility. No matter the reason, it’s a perfectly acceptable (and attainable!) goal to want to change careers. If you have the time, resources and finances to make that happen, don’t you owe it to yourself to pursue your dreams? 

We’ve outlined just a few career choices below that offer excitement, good pay and the pride in knowing you’ve chosen a job in a fantastic field. 

Become a Pilot

How many kids dreamed of becoming a pilot when they were little? Well, if that’s something you always wanted to do and now you’re sitting behind your desk at the office, wondering where it all went wrong, there’s good news: it’s never too late to become a pilot so that you can wear the david clark headset of your dreams. There are multiple careers involved in piloting also: it’s not just commercial – there are four different kinds of pilot licenses you can obtain. Many people take pilot lessons in their off-time with no disruption to their everyday schedules, too. How do you become a pilot, you ask? A quick online search can easily guide you to pilot lessons in your area, or simply provide more information about the various courses of study and career options online.

Become a Fireman

Ah, there’s another big childhood dream. And while there are plenty of fireman out there, there’s always job openings for more. Firemen are respected, necessary parts of the community. The job isn’t for the faint of heart; it’s always high-intensity and you must be good in a crisis, brave and willing to go the extra mile to help others. If that sounds like you, and you like the camaraderie of being around a team and the bravery involved with saving lives, becoming a fireman might just be the perfect job. Best of all, firemen can work part time, set their own hours and even pick up short shifts on days off from their day job. 

Become a Chef

When you’re not at work, are you always bouncing around your kitchen, whipping up five-course meals and delectable desserts? Is baking your happy place? Do you, to the annoyance of everyone else, describe yourself as a foodie? It’s never too late to realize that dream of becoming a chef. Cooking schools are all over, and many of them offer flexible and affordable courses of study for the person who still has a day job to contend with. With many different types of courses available, from sous chefs to sushi chefs to pastry chefs and everything in between, you’ll have many fields to choose from. It’s a rewarding career, and the end result: you’ll be making delicious food for everyone to enjoy. 

Become a Teacher

Now, this may not be the career that most people think of when they think career change, especially not when they’re thinking money. Teachers don’t usually get paid well, which is one of the more unfair realities of life. That being said, many adults do change course to become teachers later in life. Whether it’s something about being older and therefore more wise, and wanting to impart that wisdom, or if it has more to do with those summers off (hey, we don’t judge), there are quite a few people out there who decide to go back for an education degree and become a teacher. Whether you’re interested in K-12 teaching, becoming a professor, or just doing a little substitute teaching to supplement your income, there are courses of study and classes available for every choice. And you’d be doing such a solid for your community, as teachers are always, always needed. 

These are just three career choices that many adults choose to pursue, but there are so many more to choose from. Many others choose to pursue careers like nursing, becoming a police officer, finance or even starting their own business. It’s all according to your personal goals and dreams. Life is short; choose a career that makes you happy.



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