Beyond the interview and the job application, what is it that can help you secure the role or at least help you get to the next step in the hiring process? The prep work you can do can have a big impact on your job search, and the internet might be able to help you in more ways than you might think. Here’s how to weave the web to work for you on your search.

Know who you’re talking to

First of all, use the internet to research any companies that you plan on applying to work in. There could be all kinds of information that could help you better position yourself as a fit for the team. For instance, you can look at their mission or any indication of their values and align yourself with them during the interview. You can also look at their recent news to strike up a positive conversation. For instance, if they have news of a recent success, you can congratulate the interviewer, especially if they were personally involved.

Build your network online

Social media is playing an increasingly important part of our professional lives, and it’s not always from a marketing perspective. Networking has always been crucial to a good career. Having connections to trusted professionals will work in your favour. Now, with networks like LinkedIn, you can build those networks online, capitalising on your work experience to show your experience with an industry, as well as a reliable and public record of your work history. Establish yourself on LinkedIn and start connecting with other professionals you have been in touch with before.

Create a totally unique resume

Your CV can help land you the job, but there could be a better way to present your skills, experience, and what makes you such a great hire. More people, especially those in highly competitive fields, are building their own websites. With a little web design, you can give your experience, skills, and portfolio the kind of professional shine that it deserves. Not only will many employers be impressed by the initiative, but they will see that you have a clear understanding of branding and sales, which is always important in a corporate role.

Position yourself as an authority

Back to social media for a bit. Besides creating a profile for yourself and linking with others you’ve worked with in the past, what you post can play a huge role in where you get hired, too. If you’re looking to work in a particular industry, then make sure you start following accounts that are well known for great news and insights in said industry. By engaging with the professional community, be it through thoughtful comments, sharing articles, and so on, it shows that you are truly invested in the industry, not just in finding a job.

Take the time to establish an online presence for yourself and take advantage of whatever presence your potential employers have, as well. You never know when making the right connection online could pay off.




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