One of the greatest challenges that any leader has to face in his entire life is his insecurity. Insecurity is a negative personality trait that some unfortunate leaders possess unknowingly, and this insecurity can lead them to become bad leaders or face a downfall in their leadership eventually.

Signs Of Insecure Leaders

You cannot address or solve an issue if you do not really know about it. To deal with insecurities, you must make sure if it even exists in a leader. Here are some signs of unfortunate leaders who unknowingly commit insecure acts:

  • Insecure Leaders Refuse To Take New Chances

Insecure leaders have this game-plan that they stick to. They usually refuse to take any new chances due to unforeseen risks that could take them forward if tackle strategically.

  • Insecure Leaders Refuse To Take The Blame

Insecure leaders often blame others for a mistake that they were also involved in, refusing to take any kind of responsibility for their actions.

  • They Have Hard Time Trusting Others

These leaders also have a problem trusting other people. They do not even have faith in their own skills, therefore trusting others can be even harder for them.

  • They Do Not Accept Criticism

They refuse to take input from other people.Plus, they do not even accept any form of criticism, even if it is constructive. Any form of criticism can instantly falter their confidence levels and infuriate them.

  • They Think Everyone Is Against Them

Insecure leaders can be aggressive. They believe everyone is against them, so they are always on their guard and refuse to be welcoming.

How to Overcome Your Personal Insecurities

If you believe that you display one of the signs defined above, then you need to start acting on the tips given below:

  • Stop Comparing

The first thing you need to do is stop comparing yourself to others. Try to accept the fact that you are different, and just because you do things one way does not mean the other will do the same. You must understand that being unique is a good thing.

  • Give Others A Chance To Speak

The best leaders are the ones who let everyone play a role instead of simply taking the lead. Take input from other team members and listen to them. It could be possible that one of them has an idea that skipped your mind.

  • Confide Your Insecurities With A Trusted Friend

If you are insecure or have low confidence levels, start trusting yourself and then your closest friend. By revealing it, you tend to let go of your burden and allow your friends to help you rise up as a better leader.

  • Instead Of Fear, Make Room For Opportunities

There is a big risk involved in everything you do. Stop fearing every new challenge that comes your way and make room for opportunities instead. Every successful leader has to believe in his work and take the plunge. Maybe, you should too. If you fear every new opportunity, you will never be able to give yourself some room to grow.

  • Self-Appreciation

The best leader is the one who appreciates his self-worth. It is also the easiest way to let go. Try to motivate yourself through different meditations and yoga exercises, letting go of all the stress. In return, you will find yourself focusing more on the optimistic part of your life and becoming an excellent leader with no insecurities.

Whatever insecurities you might have, do not let them become strong enough to turn you into a bad leader. Control them now so that you may no longer have the need to worry about your secret bane.

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