When it comes to salary negotiation, your confidence level depends on your preparation. When you’re in the position to accept a new job or a promotion, negotiating a raise is crucial for career growth. Thankfully, negotiating your salary doesn’t have to be awkward or uncomfortable if you prepare properly. Perfecting the process of salary negotiation takes practice, and you need to follow the right guidelines.

The only person you’re hurting by not trying to negotiate is yourself. If you invest in the right preparation, you’ll increase your lifetime earning potential by hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even as a new graduate or a young member of the workforce, you still have some bargaining power. A higher salary is beneficial for everyone involved. Engaged employees make 2.5 times the revenue compared to employees who aren’t as invested in their job. You’re much more likely to be engaged and motivated when you’re paid a salary that you’re happy about.

It’s a new decade, and there’s never been a better time to earn what you deserve. Shift your mindset and overcome any fear about salary negotiation. For tips on how to be more prepared for your next negotiation, check out this visual from LiveCareer:



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