Covid-19 has upended all of our lives. For some people, it has also upended their careers, forcing them to upskill or even reskill in very in-demand areas, like soft skills development with negotiation or communication skills training.  Fortunately, there are ways forward for those who want or need to change careers. According to a recent survey undertaken by, 35% of people are changing careers because of the virus. Surprisingly, 89% of people who are happy in their current roles are considering doing the same. With this in mind, here are three tips on what you can do to try to proactively change careers. You can also check out VocationalTrainingHQ for more vocational education that will help you choose the right path of your career.

Look at Your Network

This should be your starting point. Reach out to your network. Send emails, messages and look through LinkedIn and other social media platforms. Putting out feelers and making clear your openness for new roles and challenges will help spread the word amongst your network.

This is also a good time to actively expand your network. Make contact with former colleagues, add friends into your professional network, attend networking and corporate events – even if they are online-only.

Be sure to actively ask about vacancies and requirements and compare these to your own background and transferable skills set.

Search for Higher-Level Traineeships

With most traineeships, you can begin earning from day one, meaning that there will be no gap in your income. As so many people are looking to change careers all at once, traineeships that are above the entry level are now appearing.

If you have a broadly compatible background, a good set of transferable skills and experience in higher-level roles in other sectors, then you will likely be eligible to apply to such traineeships.

Many governments have compiled searchable lists of apprenticeships and traineeships, covering everything from baristas to barristers. The UK government’s tool is probably the most comprehensive. You can search, read and even apply all on the same page.

Be Open to All Possibilities

Go into your search for a new career with an open mind. You might have an idea of what you might like to do and in which sector. But your new perfect job might be something that comes out of the blue.

As you network, make connections and speak to new people in new areas, you might well find that inspiration strikes when you least expect it. Who knows? Your new career could be in a sector that had never previously crossed your mind. Many undertake vocational training to explore a completely different profession that could uncover a promising career in another field.

The Highlights

If the pandemic is necessitating a career change, or if you are taking this as an opportunity to change careers, then you will need to first look to your network. Look at the connections that you already have and look at how you can build even more. Be bold and reach out to whoever you can whenever you can. Ask your network about vacancies and any other opportunities.

Beyond this, have a look at higher-level traineeships and other upskilling opportunities. Governments all over the world are investing heavily in such programmes. Take full advantage of this. But also remain open to all possibilities. Never forget that your new career could come out of the blue.



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