If you’re preparing for a job interview, you want to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered, but it’s not really possible to anticipate the exact questions you might be asked. Responding to the interviewer in the moment is part of the challenge, of course, but some awkward interview questions can make you feel particularly on the spot.

Aside from the standard questions about qualifications, skills, and experience, you might also be asked a ‘quirky’ question that is designed to test your mettle in a more creative way. So unless ‘Superhero’ is part of the job description, a question asking about superpowers might be looking for you to show other desirable characteristics that make you right for the role.

New research from Resume.io surveyed 1000 Americans to find out about the worst questions that people get asked in job interviews, and the results show a range of tricky questions that interviewees find difficult, including off-the-wall thought experiments, tough but relevant enquiries, and arguably inappropriate personal questions that shouldn’t really be asked.

Fortunately, knowing something about the type of unusual questions that might come up can help you to prepare for the unexpected. You might not be able to predict interview questions exactly, but if you can prepare yourself to think laterally and engage in some creative problem-solving exercises, you’ll be up for any challenge.

Interviewers are looking for a candidate who demonstrates a positive approach to their career. Try to reflect positively on past challenges to show that you can manage adversity in a positive and constructive manner, and you’ll be able to turn even the most hostile question into an opportunity to shine!




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