If you’ve looked for a job in the last few years you might have noticed that something odd has happened to job titles. Companies don’t want Marketing Managers anymore, they want Marketing Rockstars, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Whether you’re serving overpriced coffees to hipsters or selling shoes, the chances are that your job title could make you sound like a superhero. Your job title could even be ‘superhero’.

New research has looked into the spread of these wacky jobs across the USA and has found that 103 job descriptions out there are looking for people with Jedi powers  – 13% of them in Washington DC, interestingly – with two seemingly looking for actual Jedi.

Meanwhile, in South Dakota, 155 out of every 100,000 vacancies are for ‘champions’ – though what you need to be a champion of exactly varies from job to job it would seem.

Other interesting findings include the news that 73% of the job descriptions looking for ‘warriors’ were from the healthcare industry, with none from the military. Meanwhile, the largest number of job titles (35%) that mentioned ‘ninjas’ were related to education while 74% of companies looking for ‘hackers’ were actually hiring marketers rather than tech employees.

In terms of popularity, ‘champion’ was the most common term found in the study, just ahead of ‘warrior’, while ‘Jedi’ and ‘wizard’ were the least popular. Which is a relief for those of us not capable of actual magic. What’s the weirdest job title you’ve come across?




For more info, please visit https://resume.io/blog/the-usa-cities-home-to-the-weirdest-job-titles.




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