Today, I’m going to be writing about getting into a slightly different career than usual. It’s a job that seems to be venerated and desired by many but successfully attained by few. That job is acting. Many people believe that getting into acting is next-to-impossible. And it’s true that it can be a difficult thing to pursue if you want to earn a living from it.

But if you’ve got the passion and the talent, then it’s not the impossibility you may think it is. Read on for some tips for getting started with an acting career.

Get classes

Many budding actors out there are scared to attend acting classes. Surely if you can act, you don’t need classes? Isn’t it kind of insulting to suggest otherwise?

Even many famous greats still get acting coaching in some form. There is a difference between having a coach and having acting classes, but the point here is that not going it alone is important. Having a guiding hand – as well as other people to warm up with – is vital. Acting classes can also get you roles in front of an audience, which will help you overcome anxieties.

Study the greats

Who are your favourite actors Why do you love their work? Do you like the variety of roles they play? The intensity they bring to a particular type of character? Their voice?

People sometimes forget that actors aren’t just some deranged version of themselves on screen or stage. They use a set of techniques that allow them to channel the character’s personalities through themselves. Read up on the techniques of your favourite actors. It will also help to know their early years; how they got to where they are today. And remember that there are classic books such as An Actor Prepares that can help.

Join a casting agency

A casting agency will help you prepare a résumé and land auditions. While you may be tempted to go straight to a talent agent, it may be a little too early for that! The best thing to do at first is get yourself on the radar of casting agencies.

Your details will be placed in their database and, when a particular casting choice is needed, you may be called up. Let’s say a TV casting agency is looking for a brunette female with a Scottish accent. If you’re an aspiring actor who fits those criteria, then you could be called – if you’re registered with that agency!

Don’t be afraid to take roles as an extra

Don’t make the mistake of equating a job as an extra with failure. This is where pretty much everyone starts! Being an extra in a film or theatre production will still give you something extremely valuable. And that’s experience.

You’ll get an inside look into the production process. It will get you time on stage or on screen, which is always valuable even when it’s brief. It can help you make connections in the industry, as it’s a good opportunity to network. It’s also better than having absolutely nothing on your résumé!

Audition, audition, audition!
You didn’t think I’d forget about auditions, did you?



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