When it comes to landing job interviews, your CV is your number one marketing tool. An effective CV should look flawlessly professional whilst communicating your most valuable skills and knowledge to readers.

This helpful guide from StandOut CV shows a simple 7 step process for writing an interview winning CV.

  • Firstly you should research your target employers to ensure you know exactly what they expect to see in candidate’s CVs
  • Create a clean professional format with clearly divided sections to ensure ease of reading and try to keep your CV to around 2 pages in length
  • A strong introductory profile is crucial to catch recruiters attention and ensure that your CV makes a big impact open opening
  • When describing your roles; start with an outline that summaries your position and shows how your role feeds into the wider organisation. Use bullet points to describe your responsibilities and describe the impact your actions have had on employers
  • Keep interests and education brief and relevant to the roles you are applying for
  • Triple check your CV before hitting the job market; as it only takes one mistake to lose out on a job


How to write a CV



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