There is almost no such thing as a job for life anymore, what with the job’s market being so fast changing and technology making a lot of jobs, if not obsolete, less in demand, which can make choosing the right kind of training for a career tough. However, there are still a handful of in demand job skills, which if you have them will enhance your career prospects. Here are some of them:

Management Skills

No matter how many technological advances there are in the next decade, we can’t envisage one that will make managers obsolete. Wherever there are teams of people working towards a common goal, there needs to be someone in charge. So, if you work on being able to lead a diverse team of individuals to work hard, achieve their best and be as productive as possible, your skills will always be in demand.

Excel Abilities

Although there has been an influx of new software tools to track finances, store data and monitor progress, so many businesses still use Microsoft excel, primarily because it is so easily customizable for any scenario. That’s why, if you boost your excel skills – something you can find out about at – you will boost your employment prospects in offices across the land. This is particularly true because fewer people are being certified in excel in a lot of places for some reason.

Language Skills

As more companies go global, having members of staff who can speak more than one language is highly desirable. Luckily, there are lots of free sources to help one learn new languages, such as However, if you want to really boost your career prospects, taking a degree course or similar in a foreign language until you’re fluent would be even better.

Conflict Resolution Skills

Businesses are more and more concerned with creating happy, harmonious workplaces, as it has been shown time and time again that happy workplaces are more productive workplaces. So, if you can take a course in conflict resolution or demonstrate your ability to calm people down and foster cohesion in other ways, you are onto a winner.

Programming Abilities

Technology and selling goods and services online is vital to most businesses in the 21st Century, and this is unlikely to change in the long-term. That’s why spending money going to school to get a degree in programming is never going to be a bad mood on your part and should see you in secure employment for the rest of your life, providing you keep up to date with the latest advancements in the industry.

Excellent Communication Skills

In business, if you are unable to communicate your wants and needs to your employees or describe your products and services accurately to your customers and clients, then you really aren’t going to get very far. Communications skills might be considered soft skills by many, but the ability to communicate clearly, concisely and effectively is something that will take you far. Just you wait and see!



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