communication skillsBeing able to effectively communicate with others is one of the most important skills you will ever learn. Not only is it beneficial for social interactions in your personal life, but it’s also a skill that your professional life requires. Employers from all industries will be looking for employees with strong communication skills. They will look for examples in your application form and look at the way you talk and listen during interviews. While we all have these skills to some extent, some of us find communicating easier than others. To become a fantastic communicator in no time, use these simple tips and tricks to help you.

Make eye contact

Many people find making eye contact difficult, but it can speak volumes. It shows that you are confident, polite and an assertive communicator. All of which an employer will be looking out for. Not making or holding eye contact highlight a lack of confidence and shyness, which could stop you getting the job. Use a mirror in you home and practice looking into your own eyes. This might seem a little strange, but it will help you feel more relaxed. Then try to look into the eyes of your partner or friends when you have a conversation. The most you do it, the more comfortable you will feel. This is a simple way of becoming an effective communicator.

Remove unnecessary words

Being a strong communicators means you can get your point across clearly and confidently. But if you add additional works into your sentences this can have the opposite effect. Refrain from using slang or abbreviated words from written and verbal communications. It can also be tempting to use words such as ‘um..’ or discuss irrelevant topics to fill silences. This usually happens if someone is unsure how to answer a question during an interview. Again, this shows a lack of confidence and self belief. Remember that not talking is also another way of communicating. You can ask to repeat the question or use the silence to compose yourself. Take note of how many times you add unnecessary words into your conversations and reduce this each day.

Listen more

While many think that communication skills are all about speaking, being a good listener is just as important. Listening shows interest and respect and is essential in business communication. This allows you to gain more information as well as making it easier to complete tasks to a high standard. Continual interruptions can be off-putting and shows that you are not completely focussed on what is being said. If you make an effort to control your interrupting habit, it will encourage others to do the same. From now on, anytime you are involved in the conversation wait for a suitable time to add your thoughts and opinions. Also, if someone is giving you instruction, stop what you are doing and listen. This will let you take in the words they are saying without being distracted which will give you further understanding.

communication skillsTaking the time to develop and improve your communication skills can help you secure your dream job. It will also build your confidence and make you seem more appealing to prospective employers.



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