With the current pandemic, companies have been forced to terminate contracts with many of their employees. This has significantly added to the list of unemployed individuals countrywide as well as globally. Whether you are a recent graduate, lost your job or need a new career, there are resources in place to help you acquire what you need.

It can be a daunting task in writing your resume. There are professional writers available to help you write a successful resume in the shortest period possible. However, with so many resume writing services online, one can get confused. You can easily gauge through the site the most reliable writing service online.

Here is a list of the best services to contact when in need of help to write your resume:

1.     Zipjob

The writers from this site are keen on making your resume among the top selected. They ensure that the resume passes the software utilized by employers to scan documents. The software is referred to as ATS. Recruiters use this software to review resumes sent by applicants. It’s a quick way to eliminate certain candidates.

There are different packages available for clients. Depending on what your needs are, writing a resume can take up to seven days. Always read customers reviews before ordering any services, that’s why you should check Zipjob reviews that will give a sense of direction on where to start. After that, when you are sure that this is a reliable company, you are only required to add your resume, and you are immediately matched with a suitable writer.

2.    FindMyProfession

This is a great site to utilize. The services ensure that your CV is top-notch by passing it through two consultants. There are different levels available from entry, govt and C-level. Clients get to select the type of package they need. The packages are valued differently due to the extra services. The draft of the resume can take up to five days after you consult the writer. However, for an extra fee, you can expedite the process.

3.    CraftResumes

They pride themselves in having the best professional resume writers of all time. The highly skilled professional career experts will assist you in realizing your dream job. They increase the visibility of your resume by 40% optimizing with ATS. The first draft of your resume will be in 24 hours.

4.    ResumeWriters.com

They have excellent services and policies to make sure you are on top of your game. The site dictates that if you do not land a job within two months of their submission, you can get a rewrite to find the right job again. Submit your resume and professional writer will get in touch with you. The first draft of your CV will be submitted within three days. Their services range from govt, career change, scholar and skilled services.

5.    TopResumes

The site has helped about 400.000 professionals get their dream jobs and land more interviews. The site has certified writers, coaches and professionals with valid experience from over 65 industries. Clients can upload their resume and get matched to a suitable writer. You can communicate with the writer via email in case of any changes or edits. The site offers a 60-day guarantee. All you will need after this is a great interview.


The mentioned resources are quite efficient in ensuring that your resume is successful. It is normal for applicants to seek writing services when experiencing difficulty in resume writing. The different services are quite reliable to attain the job you want. It is key that you communicate clearly what you expect and the job you are aspiring to get. There are professional writers from different industries available on all these platforms. You can select the service that will meet most of your needs if not all.



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