The global recruitment market is always changing with certain regions having their own niche demands and others looking to attract workers with attractive packages for an otherwise challenging environment. The trends of recruitment are sensitive to a range of different factors and it’s worth understanding these regardless of if you’re looking for a job or work as a hiring manager. Specific industry demands can tell us a lot about how the world works, the intricacies of a country’s economy, and also how to interpret your own value in the marketplace.

In 2020, this is even more important because a lot has changed in a very short period of time. Not only is global mobility reduced, certain sectors have even more demand, others are pivoting in order to evolve quickly, and many are under unparalleled pressure in a range of frontline roles. Overall, even while we’re limited in where we can go, the world itself is still moving and there is a likelihood in the future that the international job and immigration market will resume with even more resilience. For example, there is massive global demand

for software engineers (plus 85% say they can work remotely), countries like Australia rely heavily on temporary backpacker workers for agricultural labour, and the United Kingdom is still working hard to attract international paramedics. Whether you’re looking for a new job, considering study, or planning a move overseas, understanding these trends can even give you an edge in the domestic job market.

Immigration lawyers Hansen & Company have years of expert insight around the global job market and moving abroad for work. With this infographic, ‘What are the World’s Most In-Demand Professions in 2020?’, they have compiled all of the essential information about the industries and skills that recruiters are looking for. Read on to learn more and get set for what’s next for you!

What are the World's Most In-Demand Professions in 2020? (Infographic)



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