• Are you more concerned about getting the job just because you have the skills or because the job appeals to you?
  • Are you doing everything that the career advisers tell you to do to find a job, but feel deep inside that there is still something missing?
  • Did you take their advice, got the job, and ended up wanting to leave after the first week, month… you get the picture.

In this article you will get some tips which will allow you to dream the big dream and connect with the part of you that wants to have it all… and defines precisely what that is.

What does this have to do with reality? EVERYTHING!!

Here’s why: If we are constantly using the “economy” or some other reason why we are not finding our dream job and/or blaming others, guess what happens?

Correct – you’re back at square one. By defining our dream work from an inner perspective, we are literally creating enormous possibilities. Knowing yourself is the real key to building a career you love and are successful at.

I have witnessed many of my clients who made that shift to knowing where they are going next in their careers, and exude confidence. Doors begin to open and opportunities abound.

Of course not everyone is ready in their life cycle to make this shift. It can bring up a host of feelings such as regret, guilt, resistance, and even anger at even having to look within for the answers. Some give up and go back to the same old.

My question to you is, are you ready?

I sometimes ask my clients what their “ideal” next career step is. The answer I typically receive is a vague description of a job where they can make good money and receive the opportunity to grow.

On the surface, it’s a reasonable answer to my question. When I probe further and ask questions about the type of relationship with their boss and with their peers, the need for work/life balance, etc., I get a much clearer picture of their dream job. This job represents the opportunity and company environment they would jump at the chance to earn, and subsequently quit any other job for.

So, how does one define their dream career and a company? This may seem like starting from zero, but I often ask people to list their passions as a starting point. This exercise is a self-examination to determine where that individual will be the happiest.

Here are a few examples of steps you can take to get the inner ball rolling:

Relax and decide NOW that you are going to take the time to discove  what you have spent perhaps a lifetime eluding – Career Happiness. It starts with discovering the essential “you”: the person who truly resides behind the facades, defences, and stresses of everyday life.

Clarifying your needs and wants makes a huge difference in figuring out what you should do with your career. Start with making a list of EVERYTHING in your past jobs that you did NOT like or that you were resistant to.

Include in this list every task, skill, type of people or specific people and why you think you did not resonate with them, working environment, product you were selling or involved with through your work, industry you were in, etc. that made you feel bad.

Look over your notes and decide what your PREFERENCE to what you have listed is, find the positives. You must be completely honest or this will not work.

Finding career direction is a process. The more effort you put into the planning stages the better your results. Uncovering your true self and your purpose is heavy, emotional work and you may have to go through this process a few times in the span of your working life. The effort however, is certainly worth it when you end up with a clear sense of the direction your career should be taking.

Congratulations! You have begun your inner journey to career happiness. This will be vital information to use in developing a career direction.

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Margaret Buj is an Interview and Career Coach who helps smart professionals around the world get hired, promoted and paid more.



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