Research has shown that companies are more likely to hire those nearer retirement age as compared to millennials, and it seems like millennials’ attitudes are to blame. Many firms call millennials in for an interview but never extend a job offer.

If you are among those millennials who are struggling to secure a job offer, maybe you are making one or more of the following interview mistakes:

  1. Disclosing Too Many Intimate Details About Your Life

Yes you’re young and you’re wild. We do a lot of inappropriate things when we are in our teens and twenties but it is important to remain discrete about them. A recruiter doesn’t need to know about how you got stoned out of your mind at your friend’s 21st birthday party. They will overlook it, but if you blab about it, you immediately tell them that you don’t know the meaning of discretion.

  1. Not Coming In On Time

Millennials are notorious for not taking things seriously, and showing up to an interview late tells the interviewer that you really don’t care about their time. Travel to the venue one day before to determine the best route you should take. In case you are still running late despite all precautions, call in to let the interviewer know well in advance.

  1. Post Inappropriate Content On Social Media

Hiring managers can and do check social media, and your Facebook pictures are the first things recruiters check. Delete all pictures of you smoking up that joint, and remove any and all traces of profanity on your profile.

  1. Acting Too Cocky And Overconfident

You may have studied at one of the top colleges in the world but that doesnot mean that you know more than your recruiter. Your recruiter definitely knows a thing or two more than you; they have a job and you don’t!

  1. Making The Interview All About The Candidate Rather Than The Company

Show the company what you can do for them, not ask what they can do for you. The company doesn’t care that you can win a game of darts blindfolded. They need to know how you can use this ability to benefit them.

  1. Show Up In Inappropriate Clothing

It may be cool to roam around in a jeans and T-shirt but that is no way to show up for an interview. It will just make you look sloppy. It is best to be over-dressed than under-dressed.

  1. Taking The Interview Too Casually

Millennials are famous for having short attention spans but you must not let that hurt your job prospects. Ask intelligent questions about the job, and show the recruiters that you are genuinely interested in the position.

  1. Coming To The Interview Unprepared

It turns off employers when a candidate hasn’t done his or her research about the company. It is important that you be as prepared as possible – show recruiters that you know about the company, you know about the job and you know what you are talking about!

  1. Bringing Your Gadgets In With You

Yes,it’s difficult for a teenager to be separated from their Instagram account but please keep it behind for a day. Give your full attention to the interview, and don’t get sidestepped by distractions.

  1. Talking About Salary Too Soon

It is understandable that you want to make money, but remember that the recruiter doesn’t think of you as free labour either. You will get a fair compensation; there are laws in place to ensure that. Mentioning salary at the first opportunity you get conveys the impression that it is all you are after. Discuss salary only if your interviewer brings it up. Otherwise wait till a job offer is extended and negotiate if necessary.

  1. Not Paying Attention

Show the interviewer that you are listening to him or her carefully. Pay attention to what they are saying, and structure your answers before you deliver them. Make sure you answer exactly what is being asked.

  1. Appearing Desperate

There is a fine line between being enthusiastic and sounding too needy. Make sure you don’t sound too desperate. The recruiter isn’t doing any form of charity. You will be hired because the company seems some benefit in it, not because you need the money or experience.

  1. Exaggerating About Your Experience

Recruiters can sport a fake resume a mile away. Be completely honest about what you have done in the past and what your results were. Exaggeration will only brand you as a liar and damage your credibility.

Finally, don’t act like a know-it-all. You need the job, the recruiter doesn’t need you. The industry is very small, and bad word of mouth can hurt your job prospects at other companies as well. So, make sure you put your best food forward. Even if you don’t get the job, you will be remembered with respect.

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