It’s rather exciting to start a new job. It’s a chance to start over and have a new beginning. In order to get the best out of your experience and stay motivated, you need to be sure that you are making the right choice. You can never tell a lot about a company just from their website. It helps if you know someone who has previously worked there.

If you’re clever, you’ll be able to pick up on things when you go for your interview. Survey the environment and the attitude of the people around you. Many times, a company is discreet and tries to avoid any such encounters so you’re left without that too. Sometimes, it’s just after you’ve accepted a job when the signs become clear.

So what other signs can you look forward to, to make sure if the job is the right fit for you? Consider the following list of my personal experiences which highlight the signs that a job might be too tiring, exhausting, mentally draining, or in other words simply a torture for you.

1.    The company is putting you in a compromising position.

The work described to you is not what you had applied for. Or maybe it’s too much work and not enough salary. The company may offer almost no vacation time or be completely unreasonable and not grant you any leaves.

If a company refused to negotiate on your terms while recruiting you to some extent, they should be red flags. It can lead you to feel incredibly frustrated at work later on.

Sometimes, a company promises you better benefits after your period of training or probation ends based on your improvement. Taking a plunge might be a risk and worth it if they stay true to their words. My experience regarding this matter was bad but that’s not how it always is. But if you have a chance at a better offer elsewhere, then don’t accept.

2.    The Work offered to you is above or beneath your level.

It’s important to have confidence in your abilities, but not at the risk of being overconfident. If the tasks you’re going to be assigned look interesting and challenging, it’s all well and good. If they appear too easy or if it feels like your intelligence is being insulted, then it’s a waste of time. Or if the company is expecting a lot from you and not getting it in return, you might get an earful and it won’t even be your fault.

If the company is overselling a job, then that should be a sign that it’s too good to be true, especially if they don’t question you about your relevant experience.

Don’t risk overselling yourself. It would set a bad reputation and more workload. Or if the work is too boring and easy and you feel like you can get it done a lot sooner, than you’ll be left with a lot of time in your hands and risk your talent being wasted.

3.    Your boss is too overwhelming or domineering.

Your boss, manager or supervisor plays a crucial role regarding your position. They can either raise you high and put you on a pedestal or drag you down to the bottom.
Notice how the employees act around him or how he speaks to them. If he appears narcissistic and demeans others, then is that really the sort of person you want to work with?

Many times, your boss just won’t like you no matter what you do or how well you perform because your personalities might clash or he hates your guts. If you feel like you and your manager won’t get along and you won’t be able to stand him, then that’s another sign that you shouldn’t accept the job.

4.     The office environment isn’t suitable for your needs.

Have you ever faced politics at your workplace? I have. People you least expect or don’t even know would gossip or backbite. They might even report to the boss to gain points for themselves, even if they bear no concern or relation.

Getting a “feel” for a place is important. Look around and see how the people act and try to judge their attitudes and expressions. Do they look satisfied or even happy with their work, or do they appear sullen and defeated?

If the environment is quiet, serious, or even hostile then there’s a chance that something might be up. Either people do not like each other or they must be new. Staff turnover is also a worrying sign.

5.    The commute to the office drains the most of your energy.

The commute to work can be tough. Where I’m from, the heat saps up most of your energy and the traffic is always terrible. It’s completely fine if you enjoy the distance for peace of mind in an air conditioned car and listen to soft music on your way.

If you’re not a fan of long distance or your work is not something you enjoy, and like most of us on the planet have to work to pay the bills, then the distance can become a tantalizing monster and you might feel like you can’t reach your home fast enough.

Weigh down the pros and cons before deciding if you want to take a job and don’t feel pressurized when you aren’t given time. It’s your right and you have the freedom to choose what you want. Carefully mull over your decision and do your homework before making any rash decisions.

Author Bio
Anna Marsh is a content writer and guest blogger. She loves to help people and raise awareness through the platform of Assignment Writing at Assignment help Deal UK. Apart from work, she is an aspiring novelist. You can follow her on Facebook and Twitter.



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