In the market, when you are trying to look for a new job, you are obviously asked to try things like looking for a job that serves your passion, trying to beef up your resume and applying through mainstream ways of job application. However, when we really observe these ways of getting a job, we can safely say that these are all foundational methods of getting a job that you are looking for. In the competitive world of today, things might not be that easy and you may have to improvise with other creative ways that can get you into the job finding circle with much more effectiveness than these mainstream methods.

Some of the methods of applying for the jobs that are being used have now become pretty conventional and students who rely on them usually have to test out a lot of patience before they can find the fruits of their effort. However, there are ways that can seriously get you around with much more ease. Things like connections, friends and social media are some of these avenues where job finding can be improvised and made possible. Today’s blog is going to talk about some of the best and unconventional ways to help job seekers in finding the right job for themselves.

Look for mentors and advisors

People, especially graduates, think that applying for a job means sitting indoors at home and just filling out online applications, but that is a complete myth. When you are serious about finding the right job for yourself, then the first thing you should do is to approach some of the key experienced people you know around you. These can be your teachers, your bosses during the internship program or your supervisors. You can go and talk to them about the struggles you are facing and the best circles to look into for jobs.

Do not always follow the straight path

This might sound a little unethical, but there is nothing wrong in trying to get a backdoor to find the job where there is a lot of competition. When you see there is a job posting and you have the right sources to get towards a more direct channel, rather than waiting for applications, then easily use that instead of waiting for your turn to come. Today’s world is all about finding and utilizing your sources smartly.

Make connections both online and offline

If you are aiming to find good opportunities early on in your career and later on as well, then you need to be really active both online and offline. Make strong connections by having a legit presence on popular social media networks as well as attending various events for networking and developing connections.

Talk to employers

In the modern world of today, people do not wait for employers to contact them, but rather they directly try to approach the employers and talk to them in a passionate manner about the position they have available for the job. This is one of the great new ways of getting through to your potential employers.


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