“Risk something or forever sit with your dreams” Herb Brooks

You get up early in the morning with a positive mindset to accomplish your daily goals. You go to your office, work extremely hard to be the real asset of the company, you get appraisals, promotions and hear positive feedback from the upper management. If that’s what going around in your life, you are probably living a life majority of the people only dream of. But, if everything is going against the plan yet you still find yourself pushing too much to achieve your goal, it’s a high time to think of a career change.

The right career is something you are enthusiastic about. You don’t need to force yourself to produce astounding results, because it happens naturally if you are satisfied with the job. Plus, understanding your interests is very important because it helps you choose an appropriate career.

However, if you find yourself in a great trouble and you don’t see a bright future then it’s not wrong to consider a career change. Therefore, we are narrowing down 4 alarming signs that are a clear indicator for switching the career.

  • You Are Literally Exhausted:

It is getting too much difficult for you to wake up early in the morning.  Sometimes you don’t even want to go to the office because mundane tasks are waiting to welcome you. Being an employee, it literally exhausts you and you don’t want to do repetitive tasks every single day.

This is what you call an alarming situation and taking significant actions regarding your career is crucial at this stage.

  • Oh! You Are Getting Tired!

If you are motivated, you won’t get tired. On the other hand, performing repeated task regularly reduces your creative skills and pauses your mind to produce something out-of-the-box.  It’s a negative sign for a company if its employee is getting fed up.  If he is not motivated, he won’t be able to showcase remarkable progress. If you are going through similar kind of situation, take a break from your work for a while, hang out with your friends and once you find yourself in a great mood, think carefully about your career.

Take help from your seniors and colleagues because these are the people who are well aware of your skills and potential.

  • An Unsatisfying Salary:

After reaching to a certain point in career, you realize that there are no increments in your salary. Even after successfully accomplishing the tasks, you are not getting promoted or even noticed by the management.  It’s the time when you probably need to sit back and think of it on a serious note.

An increment motivates employees, because it encourages them to do more for a company in a better way. However, an unsatisfactory salary is the clear sign of demotivation.

  • You Talent Is Being Wasted:

Majority of the people are aware of their strengths and skills. But, if a company is unable to recognize your expertise, potential and doesn’t cash them for the betterment then your time and talent both are being wasted. You definitely need to make the leap of faith and find a job that best utilizes your talent and allow you to be more creative and productive.


We all follow dreams, but it’s very essential to figure out legitimate ways to achieve them. If the current job that you are doing doesn’t fit you and you don’t see a prominent growth then looking for better options is always a smart move. Giving yourself time can help you make the right decision. Ask questions to yourself and if you end up with these alarming signs, it’s better to go after the career option that actually satisfies you.

Christina Matthew is an experienced HRM working with an online company, Groovy Essays.  When not working, she enjoys blogging on HRM topics and sharing influential opinions with her G+ circles




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