internPerhaps you’re freshly graduated and embarking on your career. Maybe you already have a career but feel it has somewhat stagnated. Whatever your professional circumstances, an internship can help. Internships can be either paid or unpaid and place individuals within a company or industry. In brief, the idea is to improve the experience and professionalism of the intern and the company gets an extra pair of hands. The arrangement is mutually beneficial from this perspective. It can be true that interns are often landed with the more menial jobs. But it is still possible to make a positive impression and contribute to the effectiveness of the team. Read on to discover why an internship is definitely something you should consider.

You Will Gain Experience

An internship or graduate job is often chiefly designed as a steep learning curve to gain experience. It is likely you will have some form of crash course how the company or department is run. Then you will be expected to shadow an experienced employee or just get stuck in! The type of work you’ll be involved in varies greatly from industry to industry. But in general, the work you do will be intended to take some of the pressure off and free up the time of more senior employees. With your eyes and ears open, you can gain a deep insight of your chosen company and industry in a short space of time.

An Excellent Basis For An Interview/Looks Great On A CV

An internship can create a positive impression of ambition, experience, and reliability. On a CV, it can be very helpful to have the name of a well-known company in your list of employers. Even if it was only for a few short weeks or months, it is likely that you will be asked about your experience there. This will be your opportunity to tailor your experiences to what the job asks for. An internship can help give you a range of examples to demonstrate your personal and professional qualities. Think about tasks that demonstrated your initiative, for example, or when you were able to meet a tight deadline. You will often be asked to reflect on times when you have shown particular skills or achieved particular targets. An internship can provide you with some compelling starting points.

Can Lead To A Permanent Position

If you’re interested in working in a big company or competitive industry, internships can be a great start. Permanent positions may not regularly be available in over-subscribed industries. But an internship can get you noticed and through the door. When a permanent position eventually does open up, it is likely you will be among the first people they think of. You will already know something about the way the company works. You will have proven yourself with some tasks, deadlines, and supporting the work of others. You will also have demonstrated a genuine interest and commitment to the company. An internship may seem like only a small, initial step but it can be the start of something big!



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