Do you work while on vacation? What about sick leave? Surely you don’t check your email while on parental leave?! If you answered yes to any of these questions, let me tell you, you are not alone! conducted a survey where they asked 1000+ working Americans if they work on their days off, why they do it and the effects this much overwork has on their lives.

Get ready for your jaw to drop!

82% work while on vacation
75% worked on parental leave
70% answer calls from clients or colleagues on vacation
42% take vacation days specifically to do work
40% of respondents worked on sick leave

What’s behind this compulsion to work on days off? Here’s what they had to say:

37% responded – “I just like to be on top of things”
18% responded – “I felt pressure from my colleagues”
37 % said – “I have been vacation shamed by someone at work”
30% said they felt that days off are a privilege, not a right.

So, what were some of the effects of working while on sick leave, vacation, or parental leave?

39% said that missing time to relax/have fun was the main negative impact of working while on vacation.
45% said added stress was the main negative impact of working while on sick leave.
21% reported that their condition had actually worsened due to working while on sick leave.
37% missed their baby’s milestone due to working.


Read the full study to find out more:



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