I spoke to a friend recently who had a great call with the recruiter – or so she thought. Days went by, she followed up a few times, but she still hasn’t heard from the recruiter. She’d been ghosted.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem job seekers face and it might be hard not to take it personally. You might feel resentful or jaded towards recruiters and your career confidence can suffer.

However, there’s a good chance you did nothing wrong. In this quick video, I’ll share a few insights of what might be happening behind the scenes:

Of course, the recruiter should come back to you, even to explain you haven’t been selected – it’s just common courtesy and I always do that as a recruiter. But they might have received hundred of applications and simply not have time to explain personally to every candidate why they’ve been rejected, especially when many candidates will start asking all sorts of questions the recruiter can’t answer.

I know it can be hard to stay positive when you’ve been rejected or ghosted, but it’s not personal – unfortunately it happens to most of us, and we just have to keep going.



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