In this expert roundup, some of the most successful recruitment experts reveal their insights on their favourite interview questions and answers.

Margaret Buj – Interview Coach

I like asking “What do you look forward to at work?” and “What is important to you in your next role?”

The answer gives me insight into the candidate’s personal motivators and a view as to whether they align with our organisation’s needs, as well as our ability to meet their needs.

I am looking for the candidate to demonstrate that they have the skills and experience we’re looking for. Many candidates talk a lot about their responsibilities, but not enough about what impact they’ve made and what their tangible achievements are that are relevant to the job they’re interviewing for. Also, for someone who is genuinely interested in the company and excited about the opportunity. Finally, someone who’s prepared some good, insightful questions based on the research they’ve done.


Austin Belcak – Cultivated Culture

Asking the question, Thinking back over the last 12 months, what are you most proud about?

I love asking this question because it gives candidates a chance to talk about something they’re excited about and potentially cover off on a topic that may have been missed otherwise. I’m always interested to hear what they place emphasis on and why. It’s usually a great conversation starter!

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