Trade shows are a great way to meet new people. From potential customers to other industry professionals, there are so many possibilities to spread the word about your business. Usually, a trade show is focused around one industry, such as fashion or weddings, so although great to network, there’s also a lot of competition too. When consumers walk around a trade show, they may be overwhelmed by the choice of what’s actually on offer. Plus, when booths all look the same, it can be tough to distinguish between what’s what. That’s why it is so important to have a booth that stands out from the crowd. A booth that draws people in and is memorable is essential. If you want to go for something different that not only stands out but has a message behind it, you could think about going for eco-friendly displays within your booth, which would also be great if your business has something to do with promoting sustainability and environmentally friendly practices. There are multiple ways that you can make your booth a noteworthy one.

Have something interactive

First things first, you need to have something that attracts the eye. If you were a bridal boutique, you’d perhaps have your most precious dress on display. This allows brides, bridesmaids and mothers of the bride to touch the fabric, look at the design and appreciate the craftsmanship. Not only is this something good to look at, but it also shows consumers exactly what you’re offering. If you were to just have photos of wedding dresses, consumers might think you were just a designer, or perhaps even a bridal photographer. You need to make it clear what’s on offer, by working with a company that puts together incredible trade show displays in Portland, Oregon (and similar displays elsewhere), you would likely get valuable consultation on what kinds of display would work with your brand niche in order to encourage passers by to interact with your business. Getting advice from those experienced in optimising trade show displays can be a big help when it comes to finding success in spreading awareness of your brand.

If you offer a service, this can be a little more difficult, but there are still ways to attract people to your booth. One of the best ways to do so is with some sort of photobooth. Photobooths are a great way to capture the day as well as bring people into the booth. After all, they’re great fun and totally engaging! They appeal to younger generations who love to capture every moment and they also appeal to older generations too, who view it is as a blast from the past. You can get photobooths where the pictures print off right in front of you, so any consumers can take the photo away as a momentum, or you can get digital photobooths. Printed photobooths are great as you can print your company logo onto each photo, reminding people of where they got the photo from and promoting your brand. Digital photobooths capture picture and video, which you can share digitally. You could even turn some of those snaps into GIFs too. You could then use GIFs to promote your brand.


Freebies are attractive to any consumer. When the opportunity arises to get something for free, most people will jump at the chance. Offering a freebie will certainly pull in trade show traffic and get more people at your booth. At this point, you could then start your sales pitch and tell consumers exactly what you offer.

Freebies are also a great way to promote your brand. As like the photobooth, you can personalise any freebie with a brand, logo or slogan. Other guests at the tradeshow could then see that freebie and know exactly where to get one from, drawing in more people to the booth, and providing more opportunities to sell your product or service. However, that’s not all freebies are good for. They’re great for generating leads too. When someone takes home a pen with your company logo and name, or perhaps a reusable water bottle with a phone number, every time they use that item, they think of the company that gave it to them. It also means they can then use that contact information and make an inquiry. Lead generation is vital at a trade show so you should seize every opportunity that arises!

Setting up any booth at a trade show can be quite intimidating, but it’s important to have fun. If you’re feeling nervous or anxious, that’ll show. Try not to worry about attracting people and focus on your pitch and attitude. Friendly faces draw people in and ensure that you can make a positive impression.



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