According to, the travel and tourism industry made a global economic contribution of over US$7.6 trillion in 2016.

So if you’re thinking of working in the sector, long-term prospects are generally good — and it’s possible to adapt existing skills for the right role or gain an entry level position and work your way up the ladder.

But travel’s such a broad area that it might be difficult to narrow down your choices efficiently — so to help you sift the wheat from the chaff when planning your new vocation, here are three diverse firms you might work for.


If you like luxury holidays and have good communications skills, writing for global travel website could prove rewarding.

The website of Conde Nast Traveller magazine follows the same formula as the paper-based publication — sourcing reliable and informative material from a worldwide network of influencers and experts to provide adventurers with the best tips on accommodation, cuisine and cultural activities in interesting destinations around the world.

Getting paid to seek out exciting experiences is a rare opportunity, so keep a keen eye out for suitable roles on the Conde Nast careers site.

  1. Virgin Atlantic

A career with an airline evokes a sense of glamour and excitement for many jobseekers — and the roles you might find are often demanding but satisfying.

Working for worldwide carrier Virgin Atlantic  could open up the opportunity to serve customers in a high-profile pilot or cabin crew role, in cargo commercial planning, as a customer service adviser, or as a finance and procurement manager.

And if you’ve got some HR expertise, Virgin’s organisational development team could use your talents to attract and retain valuable staff members.

Being involved with a multinational business with a polished PR image can be fulfilling — and you might even get staff discounts on flights.


A range of useful websites have made finding the best deals on flights and holidays easier for millions of tourists — but the success of these sites depends on the reliability of their data, strength of partnerships and an excellent user experience.

So working for international price comparison site might involve liaising with contacts in airport parking facilities, coach and limo companies and hotels around the world.

Alternatively, you might monitor the quality of recommendations to maintain customer trust by visiting hotels and car parks to rate criteria like customer service and security.

Website design, functionality and content are essential too — so this type of firm might welcome people with the relevant digital skills to maintain a prominent web presence and connect with customers.

These three firms from across the travel spectrum demonstrate that the industry can be a desirable destination for candidates with various skillsets — with the appropriate research, you’ll find a position that suits you perfectly.

Do you work in the travel industry? Share your advice in the comments section.



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